Camera Bag Insert

When I bought my Blunderbus / Quarfie Shoulder Bag one of it’s immediate uses was to carry around my Canon dslr. While convenient I never really felt comfortable carrying around such an expensive camera unprotected. After reading about the Naneu Lima Camera Bag on Uncrate I went out and bought an OEM version of the bag branded Jenova. It’s a cool concept, a camera bag that doesn’t look like a camera bag, but in practice the bag absolutely sucks! What I should have done is bought this camera bag insert by Crumpler for the Blunderbus / Quarfie shoulder bag. After inserted it looks like it will leave just enough room to stuff a couple other essential items. It would work for other bags as well. What we need are semi rigid inserts designed for particular cameras that offer some real protection. That way I can through my camera in what ever bag I am using that day without fear of hearing some glass crunching sound. $30US.
Camera Bag Insert for the Blunderbus / Quarfie Shoulder Bag.