Clark & Mayfield Quimby Rolling Laptop Tote

It has been over a year since I shared a bag find from the catalogue of Clark & Mayfield. At that time they were introducing a new men’s line and I still think their Mapleton Laptop bag is one of the nicer business briefs out there.
Their Quimby Rolling Laptop Tote has a beautiful quilted exterior complimented with leather trim and gold hardware. The nylon body and rubber coating on the bottom should keep the bag looking great for years. It should also help with clean ups the next time you drag your bag through a mud puddle as you race to grab a taxi. The interior has plenty of organizing pockets and folders, and it will fit most laptops in the 17″ range.
While I generally don’t like wheeled luggage of any kind, I feel it inhibits my mobility, my wife recently reminded me that not everyone can walk for hours with a heavy laptop on their back (or shoulder). She also complained that I don’t write enough about products that might interest women. I’m going to change that with the help of some new friends of the next month.
Lauri Delaczay started Clark & Mayfield with her husband Barry to simplify life by providing truly functional, yet fashionable bags to use everyday from home to work and school. Their belief is that functional products need not be unattractive, something I think we can all agree with.
Here are a few other notable bags from their catalogue:
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Quimby Quited Laptop Brief
17″ Quimby Rolling Laptop Tote

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