Crumpler Camera Bag

This is another entry for the flickr pool “what’s in your Bag” and a more recent pool celebrating all that is Crumpler. I’m fascinated by groups like this.
This particular bag of mine is an older Crumpler 5 Million Dollar Home camera bag. I bought this bag in a rush at Siam Center in Bangkok one afternoon and have mildly regretted it ever since. I detest the colour of the bag and the lack of an exterior handle is a real short coming. I do like the interior construction and the overall quality of the bag. It’s stiff so I can take my camera in and out quite easily unlike the lose edges of other bags that invariably get in the way. Looking at these bags lately I see that they have completely changed the interiors, retired the hideous color, and added an exterior handle. Certainly recommended. AUD $110 at Rushfaster.