Domke J-803 Digital Satchel Camera and Laptop Bag

In my ongoing search for combination camera and laptop bags I came across the Domke J-803 Digital Satchel yesterday at Taipei’s FNAC. Domke has long been a mainstay of professional photographers. Their bags are usually known for their high quality and from what I saw yesterday this satchel is no exception. The smallest of Domke satchels have also gained a large following among photographers who don’t want to call attention to their expensive equipment. It’s of those category of bags that don’t scream out – steal my camera! The Domke J-803 is designed to carry the laptops, electronic organizers and digital cameras; all the standard gear we carry today. It comes with 11 compartments and pockets to organize the equipment. The outer shell is made with 1050 denier ballistic nylon, while the back panel uses 420 denier oxford nylon. I think the specs I have seen of the web overstate the protection afforded on the bottom. You are certainly going to want to put your laptop in some kind of sleeve when you carry it in this bag. The bag uses this same strap that I saw on the other Domke bags they had on display. I don’t think it works that well with the added weight that a laptop will bring. You might want to invest in another as it doesn’t seem to be very comfortable. $80.00US.
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