Eagle Creek Pack-It Sac and Folders

When traveling around Asia I like to keep mobile and relatively inconspicuous so I often opt out of expensive fancy luggage. You would usually see me carrying on my back a simple duffle or large laptop backpack. That doesn’t mean that I want to show up at my destination with a messy bag of wrinkled clothes. Nor does it mean that I don’t like to carry some crisp white dress shirts with me. To that end I have been relying on Eagle Creeks (and another no-name brand) pack-it folders and Sac’s to keep my clothes organized, flat, and clean. These durable travel necessities feature with see-through sides for easy identification of contents, mesh-reinforced polyurethane for durability and spill protection, carry clips, great zippers, and a pleated bottom which allows pouch to stand upright for easy loading and unloading. Highly recommended.
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