Fall Fashion Focus: Fabulous 40’s

Knomo Cholet Slim Laptop Handbag

If there were a single decade that screamed elegance and style in the face of, well, anything, it may just be the 1940’s. Exquisite tailoring and classic vamp makeup rocked the runways for Fall ’09, with all the reverence for a time when necessity bred genius, and cloth rations introduced pencil skirts to the world.
While most of us won’t be splashing out on Dolce and Gabbana furs or a Lanvin skirt suit, there’s nothing to stop a bit of nostalgia sneaking into our wardrobes by way of accessories.
40’s handbags were not the bottomless catch-alls of recent years – rather, they were ‘hand’ bags, meant to be clutched or draped elegantly over a forearm, carrying just the necessities…some money, a tube of lipstick, perhaps a compact. Even though you might need to slide a laptop into yours, doesn’t mean you can’t take a cue.

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From Fall 2009 Fashion Trends – Part II at Laptop Bag Lifeline.