Hlaska Nominal Book Bag

hlaska nominal bookbag
A reader sent in this amazing report about the Nominal collection from Hlaska:

It’s definitely a class above the fabric-with-leather-accents models they produced before (well, they had the wood grain Evergreen briefcase, but the leather on the new bags is smoother, buttery and supple, and the finish more casual yet refined). The briefcase seems a bit feminine with its trapezoidal shape. The book bag is bigger, has a single main compartment so space is not wasted (I easily stuffed my Canon 5DmkII in it), and the outer slip-in compartment is wide enough to slide in a MacBook Air in a sleeve without the sleeve catching on the opening. The carrying handles are also handy for when you are wearing a suit and don’t want to wrinkle it with a shoulder strap.

A glowing review — the Evergreen briefcase was a wonderfully crafted piece and very well received.
With the contrast between it’s sharp top and rounded soft bottom my favourite in the collection is the Book Bag pictured above.
Hlaska Nominal Book Bag. Thank you Fazal.

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  1. I’ve heard wonderful things about this book bag then finally i bought it last week. Now, i can say that if you’ve got a book lover on your list, you’re probably buying it.