Large Billboard Pony Bag

I was reading GQ at my favourite Thai. curry restaurant last night and came across a whole section detailing just how fashionable it is to own bags like this large Billboard Pony. Retro is in and the large logo lets everyone know you believe it. The curry was quite excellent by the way but the coconut juice was blah. Befitting my graying temples I remember bags like these. It was about all a self respecting kid could take to gym class.
I actually have this bag, given as part of some promotion, and it functions perfectly as a day nighter. It doesn’t make me look fashionable or stylish, just old, as I am sure people likely think I had this bag since Pony was a big player back in the 70’s and 80’s. It’s designed for the “fashion forward consumer” who wants to buy a “fresh athletic inspired fashion product”. That’s not me but it might be you. $55.00US.
Check it out at Zappos.