Mandarina Duck Isi Cabin Trolley

For most people the holiday travel season will be or will have come to an end. Unfortunately for some of us their was no holiday season at all. Of course with air travel comes the joys of lost or damaged luggage. Damaged either by trying to stuff far to many gifts into a small space or by the occasional disgruntled ground crew who take great joy in throwing your bag with great force. If you flew Air Canada, lost luggage is seemingly part of their service agreement, a fact we have confirmed a number of times. This may sound like a downer, and certainly losing al your gifts could certainly be, but if you look on the bright side this gives you the perfect opportunity to purchase some new quality luggage. And with that segue comes the Isi Cabin Trolley, another beautiful high quality bag from Mandarina Duck. The Isi series, or project as they cal it, is characterized by lightness and Mandarina Duck claims they are the lightest on the market. An important feature when you are traversing ever growing regional airports. The materials are lightweight, colourful and tough. The bag features an extending handle for trolley use, a further aside handle for carrying, a main inside zip closure with elesticated straps for clothes, a small internal pocket with zip closure, and an outside front pocket with zip closure and clever address tag. $318.AUS at Rushfaster.
Via Compradicción Photo via Rushfaster.