MEC Gigabyte Computer Daypack

It seems like a lifetime ago when I used to frequent the Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC) store in downtown Toronto. At that time I was very much into biking and loved the gear that they sold. I’m sure I still have the pannier bags that I bought for my old beat up mountain bike, good quality for not a great price. If you get a chance to visit their retail stores it is usually worth the effort – the staff is of the type that seem to work simply to finance their next expedition.
The MEC Gigabyte Computer Daypack is another in a seemingly in-exhaustive list of laptop bags that I continuously come across. This one has a particularly sleek outline for a backpack – it’s an attractive bag. It has “compression thermo-moulded padding” on the front and back to help protect against accidental bashes. Inside it has the intelligent design of keeping the bottom of your laptop a couple of inches off the bottom by means of a holster. One of my bags has this feature and it has saved my laptop a number of times. Lastly urethane-coated, weather-resistant zippers, round out a trio of features (no word on how water repellent the bag is itself). $82.00CAN.
View it on their site.