Neoprene Sleeve for MacBook Air

Incase’s new slender Neoprene Sleeve is designed to compliment the MacBook Air while ditching the manila envelope form that would be out of fashion the week after you bought it. Incase’s sleeve features durable neoprene construction, plush faux-fur lining and a slip entry closure system, making it the lightweight and low-key solution for discreetly carrying the MacBook Air.
Incase Neoprene Sleeve

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  1. on the search for a sleeve for my macbook air I came across and found thier beautiful ‘laptopwallet envelope’. it’s by far the most original design I’ve seen. made from 100% wool felt it gives great protection in a really slim construction – finally a sleeve that is not made of neoprene! they also make pouches form the same material for ipods and iphones – my order is already on the way!

  2. I swear by Waterfield Designs gear ( I get their sleeves for all my computers and use a lot of their cases for my other gadgets (camera, phone, DS, wallet, etc.).
    Their stuff is the best of the best–truly amazing quality.