Ortlieb Zip City Waterproof Bag

One of the constant worries about living and traveling in Asia for a gadget lover is the high humidity and sudden downpours that are a fact of life here. The humidity I take care of with large humidity controlled boxes and office de-humidifiers. It’s not cheap to keep running all this equipment but it beats watching mold grow on your Powerbook. The rain is only an issue if you tend to be active, hopping on a bike, scooter, or perhaps doing some location work. Most cities allow you to escape the rain and in fact in cities in Thailand it’s a given that you will take a break if caught in the rain. I’m still always a bit nervous carrying my gear during the rainy season and am always on the look out for a bag that will keep my stuff perfectly dry under the worst rain conditions. The Ortlieb Zip City bag with it’s airtight shell, welded seams, and waterproof top loading zipper looks to be an answer. This super detailed but simply designed bag costs about $70.00US. As usual you should plan on purchasing a laptop sleeve for more assured protection.