Peal & Co Briefcase

There are times when I must ditch the usual jeans and t-shirt outfit and don something more respectable for the suit and tie crowd. I’ve been a fan of Brooks Brothers Non-Iron dress shirts for some time and have a decent “corporate blue” which has stood up to abuse quite well. While looking on their site I came across the Peal & Co Briefcase. It’s certainly looks like a wonderfully made product – from England of tan calfskin, solid brass fittings, green bonded leather lining and reinforced steel frame. When was the last time you saw someone carrying around a briefcase – sans laptop? What do you carry in these things? A newspaper? It’s interesting just how far removed this product is from my experience of people carrying around laptop bags, messenger bags etc.. The last time I saw someone carrying a briefcase was in 1986 in college when I was hanging out with some business admin. students (though in later years some of my old professors had them as well). Maybe they will catch on again when we get digital displays as thin as paper.
Buy it on their site.