Porter Grocery Tote

Porter introduces it’s replacement for the increasingly less ubiquitous plastic shopping bag. This must be the category of bag with the highest growth as I keep coming across all types of beautiful designs. I like Porters homage to the brown bags of old. Their concept follows:

The new tote bag named “grocery tote” has such minimal design which reminds us of paper bag of market.
The special cotton fabric called “typewriter cloth”, which is used for the printing ribbon of type writer, is selected for the material of this bag. This dense fabric is also used for down-jacket which keeps fine down. By gluing poplin lining together, the firm texture like paper is produced.
Moreover, the “EVA sheet (ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer)”, the interlining which functions as glue, is a ecologic material which doesn’t belch dioxin when it’s burnt. It is gathering attention from various industries as a vinyl-alternative material.
Minimizing the use of thread, parts, and sewing process such as stitch and seam, you can enjoy the realistic “paper bag texture” realized by only pressing on this “grocery tote”.
Let’s start something for our future.

Available here.