Sweaty Stuff Yoga Bag

Here is a product I wouldn’t have thought of.

“Store all of your sweaty gym stuff with your very own Sweaty Stuff Yoga Bag. This tubular, cargo style unisex sports bag set includes a mat bag, a separate sweaty stuff bag to store sweaty items, and two soft double-piqued cotton towels in hand and mat size. The outside of the bag has multiple zipper pockets, a zigzag bungee towel holder and expandable water bottle pouch.”

Believe it or not you don’t need expensive gym memberships to keep in shape. Good running shoes, some loose clothes, and a mat will take you a long way to getting rid of that belly that has been growing since you started sitting in a cubicle all day. If you are going to carry a mat you might as well carry it in a great bag.
Available at Wrapables.