Tenba Photo/Laptop Backpack

Whenever I consider a bag like this I think about how uncomfortable it would be to carry all my gear on my back over long distances. I would refer to dump the laptop and be satisfied with a portable photo-disc and an iPod touch. But if you must carry a laptop, and it’s nice to be able to present photographs to clients on a photo shoot, then the Tenba Gen-3 looks very promising.

… [It] offers easy-to-access, organized space for a full sized professional D/SLR kit with multiple lenses and flash, plus separate, protective storage for a laptop, including many 15” models. The bag includes movable/removable divider panels, multiple accessory pockets, a movable/removable accessory pouch for a phone or portable audio device, a wallet for flash media cards, and many other practical features. The Backpack also has a removable divider shelf between the top storage and the bottom camera compartment, to convert the interior into one large storage space–while still keeping the padded laptop sleeve intact.

I like how the front sections open to reveal their contents and the harness cover is very useful. They also understand the importance of a bright interior to aid in finding all the small objects that you carry with you. A video after the jump.