Tom Bihn Bags for the 17″ MacBook Pro

That was fast! Tom Bihn is offering nine backpacks, briefcases, and messenger bags to fit Apple’s new 17″ aluminum MacBook Pro, including the Checkpoint Flyer pictured above.
The Checkpoint Flyer is the only airport “checkpoint friendly” laptop bag designed in sizes specifically for Apple laptops. The TSA requires that all passengers traveling with a laptop must remove their laptop from their bag and place it in a bin for screening. The Checkpoint Flyer is the result of a TSA design challenge to design a bag that offers airport security x-ray screeners a clear view of the laptop while it is still inside of the bag. With the Checkpoint flyer you can send your laptop through the x-ray machine while still inside its protective laptop case. Far more convenient than shlepping everything in and out of your bags. There are others who produce bags that do the same but I find Tom Bihn bags to hold up extremely well to the rigors of travel while not being a target themselves for theft.
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