Tom Bihn Ristretto splash-proof zipper

splash-proof zipper
Please excuse the poor photograph (I didn’t follow any of this advice) but I’m incredibly pleased with the splash-proof zipper (#8 YKK Uretek) which closes the front pouch of Tom Bihn’s Ristretto. Fantastic decision – it’s details like this that make all the difference and make having products like this a joy. Tom Bihn has a better photograph on his site.
I just received the Ristretto and plan to later write some thoughts, including putting it though the rigours elementary school! The Osprey messenger we received a couple months ago hasn’t faired too well, while my old Crumpler has passed the test on a number of occasions.
My initial thoughts, beyond the joy of that new bag smell, is just how small both our devices and the bags we carry them have become. The Ristretto is a far cry from the Brain Bag I used to have to carry my laptop in.