Steve Mono Leather Bags

Steve Mono leather bags
I love these leather bags from Spanish designer Steve Mono. They exude quality. Pictured above is his Dennis Briefcase, Arthur Briefcase, Thomas briefcase with bandolier and the Adam school briefcase. The Dennis is my favorite.
From his description:

Shapes, materials, finishings,… are inspired by classic, easy and cool pieces I´ve seen many times in vintage photos, books or movies; that kind of briefcases and wallets that men used to take to their works in offices buildings, and also reminding that school boy-man look.
Bags, briefcases, wallets, umbrellas, belts,… thinking of that kind of men wearing always suit, jackets and tie, with their polished shoes and those bags and briefcases in their hands, where they take all they need for the day. Basic but quality and personal pieces.
Made in Spain; working personally with a small manufacturer, and taking care in every moment of the work process: vegetal tanning, cut, sew, clean, label, pack,…everything controlled to offer a personal and intimate product you can feel as specially made for you.
Advise: Women use, and like, to steal their men bags.

Steve Mono leather bags and other goods for men.

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