Eagle Creek Scout

Last night while out doing some trend spotting, my 3 old son tells me blue Nike sneakers are cool, I came across some bags from Eagle Creek which I like. We have at least 1 Eagle Creek duffle which has served us well and I use their packing cubes whenever I travel. So I know their quality is generally top notch.
The Eagle Creek Scout looks perfect for city day tripping or for the traveller who doesn’t need to carry their life on their back. It looks perfect for carrying a camera (it’s padded), notebook, and a few gadgets and accessories. The side mesh pockets are great for your reusable water bottles and perhaps a small umbrella.
I think many people will like the ability to carry this on your waist, thereby freeing your shoulders and keeping you a bit cooler in the heat, but I always find that attaching anything to my waist causes my pants to fall down. Not the most pleasant experience in a crowd of people.
It comes in more than one color for those who think black is boring.

More detail on the Eagle Creek Scout