Visvim moccasins

visim moccasins
Visvim redesigned the Maliseet Elk moccasins with soft elk leather, chemical free crepe outsole, cork footbed and hand-sewn upper. The FBT Classic pictured on the right is made with a natural suede upper and tanned cow leather lining. Both are extremely breathable, the opposite of what I expected, rugged and comfortable. I’m undecided on the styling but if your uniform allows these look like great shoes for transit loungers and urban mobilista’s alike.
You might try findig these at Free International Laboratory in Hong Kong (15 Wyndham Street Central).

Vintage Map Pendant


For those of you who love to travel, who want to carry a piece of home around with you, or are just collectors of maps, this sterling pendant features a map of Stockholm, Sweden from an antique world atlas.
The map is held in a custom setting (just over 2cm wide) behind magnifying resin and hangs from a linen cord with a sterling silver clasp. The silver pendant is oxidized for an urban/antiqued sort of finish.

While she has a number of city maps set in pendants for sale she can create a custom pendant of your favorite city. A great way to remember a particular destination and keep it close to your heart.
Anne Holman’s Stockholm Sweden Pendant

Bluetooth Spiral Earrings


Created specifically for the style-conscious woman, the fashionable Volution Bluetooth by Chinese designer Fandi Meng merges technology and fashion–finally! It looks like a gigantic spiral earring (circa the 80s) with a little red pearl in the middle. The pearl is actually a light indicator that shines when you receive a call.

Quoted from Trendhunter. Fandi Meng.

1905 Chronograph by Gerald Genta

It’s fun to dream that all is right with the world and I could afford a $26,000 watch.

Known for his much desired works from iconic watch brands such as IWC, Patek Philippe, and Audemars Pigue, Gerald Genta is no rookie horologist. Ritz Fine Jewelry teamed up with the designer to create an ultra exclusive line of 15 unique timepieces utilizing the best materials and movements available. The face of the watch has also been left blank to allow the owner to personalize the watch or you can even commission Mr. Genta himself to design a motif just for you. Pictured above is the 1905 Chronograph model in 18ct white gold carried exclusively by 20ltd.

1905 Chronograph by Gerald Genta. Via Acquire.

LIP Big TV watch

Designed by Roger Tallon in the mid ’70’s this Lip watch is a veritable classic. Good design keeps getting better with age.

This true to the original style was originally designed by Tallon in 1975 and most recently updated by designer Prisca Briquet for the innovative French brand LIP.
In the 1960s and 1970s, LIP enlisted a handful of top French industrial designers, architects, interior decorators, and graphic designers to bring their truly original ideas of timekeeping to life in a series of watches. Among them was the prolific Roger Tallon, who designed everything from high-speed French TGV trains to the 1964 Helicoid Staircase (part of the MoMa Design Collection). Tallon’s LIP designs include the iconic Mach 2000 series.

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Passport Socks

“One of the socks in this soft, stretchy pair has a hidden, zippered pocket perfect for a passport, cash and keys. Nylon zipper won’t set off metal detectors. Anti-microbial yarn wicks away moisture; the cushioned Holofiber® footbed helps reduce swelling. Nonslip tops and form-fitting arches.” Find them here. Via Swissmiss.

Commuter Tie to Carry Your iPod Nano

It would seem that people just can’t stop finding new ways for you to carry around your iPod. Made by Pink “London’s leading Jermym Street Shirt Maker” of 100% silk, the limited edition commuter tie features a pocket on the reverse to hold your iPod Nano and an extra fabric loop to keep headphone wires out of sight and close to your body. I’m not sure of there is something absolutely wrong with this idea or if it’s rebelliously cool. Available for about $85.00US direct from Pink.

Alessi Watch

Full of Italian design goodness this watch by Alessi is one of my favourites. Features a integrated brown leather strap, light blue dial (mine has a white dial) and matte silver aluminum case. Not the most rugged of watches and the strap does change color as you perspire but it is beautiful looking timepiece. I always seemed to wear this watch when I was out and about in Bangkok – it has a certain casual elegance. A beautiful watch for a very reasonable price. $90.00US at Retromodern.

Paul Smith Target Cuff Links

I have one shirt and one shirt only that requires cuff links. It was bought by mistake but now that I have it I love it. If I really must ditch the t-shirt and I have the opportunity it’s great fun to wear these acceptable pieces of jewelry by Paul Smith. These Target Cuff Links have the added benefit of hypnotizing all those around you. Could be fun with the right people. $108.00US at Neiman Marcus.

Lossless Wallet

When you get sucked into buying every kind of techie geek stuff imaginable (convergence, when, when?), it’s hard to find carrying cases that have enough individual pockets for all the different gadgets you want to carry around. Civilian Labs make a rather unique harness bag that allows you to carry all your gadgets at once. I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing one in an urban area but I can certainly see their utility when you are traveling. The products I did like on their site were the above, the lossless wallet and the cell gear case. Though it conjures up memories of big bellied truck drivers, with large leather wallets hanging out their ass, the lossless wallet has a great deal of value to those of us worried about losing everything when in Bangkok. I’ve lost my mind there in the past but thats another story.
You can order from their site.