1000 Words NYC

Ryan E. Plett​ spent some time recently in New York City attending Capsule NYC Men’s fashion show. John Fischer cut together a short video of his top highlights.
I’m sharing far more video lately than in any time in the past. It’s not intentional but perhaps a result of circumstance and availability. Watching video online on a desktop or mobile device isn’t the pain it used to be is it?
Via Brog.

Wolverine 1000 Mile & Horween

Interesting, yet way too short, look into the Horween’s leather making process. Horween have been producing their highly coveted Cordovan in the same Chicago location since 1920.
Part of a series by Wolverine for the release of their heritage 721LTD boot. Via Acquire.

Put This On: Shoes

I’ve become a big fan of Put This On “a web series about dressing like a grown-up” – very informative and thus far excellent video episodes. In Episode No.@: Shoes we get a behind the scenes look at Willie’s Shoe Service in Los Angeles. Via Raul Ojeda, the store’s manager, we learn how shoes are manufactured, shoe care and why we should be purchasing handcrafted quality shoes.

J.Crew Fall 2010

J.Crew Fall 2010
I like the look and combinations in this preview of Frank Muytjen’s Fall 2010 J.Crew collection. I’ll forgo the roll-up pants and no socks with stiff shoes. The following are a few photos of my favourites.

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L.L.Bean Signature

L.L.Bean Signature
Last month L.L.Bean launched Signature, featuring updated versions of their American classics – outwear, boot’s, knits, bags – sold online and at a single store in Maine. It’s a significant update to what was the clothes of my youth.
L.L.Bean Signature is the work of Creative Director Alex Carleton, of Rogues Gallery fame, who has created a collection with updated fits which lie somewhere between the baggy style of old and a more contemporary European cut. Luckily the line isn’t completely comprised of items that complete the urban woodsman look that has been popular lately.
Some of my favorites: Sportsman’s Chino Pant, Oxford Shirt, Striped Polos, Featherweight Hunting Jacket and Canvas Bags.
L.L.Bean Signature

Turn Signal Biking Jacket

Turn Signal Biking Jacket
See the jackets blinking in her photoset
Via @davidonformosa, Leah Buechley’s Turn Signal Bike Jacket made with her Lilypad Arduino. Leah was recently in Taiwan giving a workshop at the Department of Fashion Design at Shih Chien University which resulted in part in the class making one of her ‘e-textiles’ projects. In her words: “…on the steps of Shih Chien U, prototyped by me w/ parts from the taipei electronics markets & made by (awesome) Shih Chien University fashion students”.
I love this stuff.

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Von Sono Summer 2010 Collection

Von Sono Summer 2010
Found @design milk, the Summer 2010 collection of Von Sono by German designer Stephanie Oberg. Wonderful concepts, humor and cultural references in clothes that anyone can wear. Love her palette and the textures I can see in her materials.

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The Urban-Woodsman Primer

The Urban-Woodsman Primer
The embarrassing fashion of yesterday becomes the hipness of today. New York magazine details where you can purchase the northern rural look without the axe, shovel, shot gun or dirty rough hands. I am certain I have this complete look packed away in boxes in Canada. New York suggests Timberland, J.Crew Men’s, Fjällräven and Smith + Butler as possible clothiers to complete this look. I would add LL Bean and Woolrich to that list (and there many many others).
Ten places to get heavy denim, vintage flannel, and well-tailored henleys. Via Swipelife.

Social Vibration

social vibration hoodie
Dana Gordon’s mobile physical computing prototype:

A garment that bridges between our life in the real physical world and our web 2.0 increasing social activity. The hoodie can recognise other hoodies from same or related “social network”. In case a member of the same online community is present in the same physical space (around 10 meters), the hoodie activates a subtle vibration, announcing this presence to the wearer in a discreet manner.
The hoodies are wirelessly connected via radio, themselves hooked to small vibration motor inserted into the fabrics.

Dana Gordon is a graduate of the Interaction Design Institute Ivre, develops new tangible design projects and consults for artistic interactive installations. She is currently based in Cambridge.
Social Vibration. Via Rhizome.

Julian Scarf & Etre Touchy

Despite the seemingly common belief that the temperatures in this part of Asia are always similar to summer in California, it’s been extremely cold. With temperatures dipping down to 10˚C puffy jackets abound. While I’ll stick to my light jacket with hidden layers underneath, to help perpetuate the myth that Canadians are impervious to cold, I would like to add a couple of accessories that have been mentioned frequently to the mix.

Julian Scarf

julian scarf iphone
Made from lightweight 100% rodeo cotton flannel, the Julian scarf features hidden pockets to keep your iPhone or other valuables conveniently accessible while hiding them from the hands of others. Available in a variety of patterns and colors, the scarf’s ripstop nylon pockets are closed with invisible YKK zippers. Julian Scarf.

Etre Touchy gloves

etre touchy gloves
Etre Touchy are wool gloves with the tips of the thumb and index finger exposed to allow for convenient usage of touch screen devices like the iPhone. The gloves give you the warmth and dryness of a normal pair of gloves combined with the touch-screen/electronic device compatibility of fingerless gloves.
The idea is not entirely innovative but their implementations seems fresh and timely. Etre Touchy gloves.
I do like when fashion accommodates the real needs of people using modern tools. Most of the attempts I have viewed in the past are more exploratory in nature or meant for active sports. These are more practical and accessible to a wider audience. And in this economy combining your accessories can make good financial sense.

Pendleton x Opening Ceremony

pendleton meets opening ceremony
I don’t share much in the way of enthusiasm for this collection — I’m sure I still have tailored shirts with a similar pattern packed away somewhere — but I am intrigued by the jacket with it’s shoulder straps. That might be interesting.

The plaid/check inspired collection has been awaited by many for almost a year now; the unique collection takes staple cuts and gives them an all-plaid makeover. Frankly the sight of this collection is better than the sound as it appears more advanced than one might hope. hb

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Outlier Pivot Sleeve Shirt

outliers pivot shirt
I don’t write about fashion much, I read about it allot, but beyond vintage jeans, t-shirts, and sneakers I feel under equipped to share my opinions. I do begrudgingly wear shirts, especially when doing office visits, and since I have started riding again I’ve noticed just how uncomfortable the fit is on a bike. Enter the Pivot Sleeve Shirt, “a completely reconstructed buttondown that retains the traditional look and feel of a dress shirt while working equally well both on and off the bicycle”.

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Puma Urban Mobility

puma urban mobility
Adam Greenfield comments on the Puma Urban Mobility collection; the collection includes shoes, clothes, bags, and a foldable bike (the bike is uninspired).

In Puma’s conception, urban mobility apparently has to do with affording the wearer free movement of the body, protecting him or her against inclement conditions, and offering plenty of pockets. These are not clothes for sitting in cars, riding on buses, or waiting on subway platforms, in other words; apparently, getting around the city is something that must be negotiated parkour-style, in the remorseless arena of the physical, unaided by anything infrastructural.
… such efforts are going to feel increasingly weak and incomplete without a networked component of some type, and the more so the greater the degree to which the posture subtends a domain in which the informatic is primary.

Puma Urban Mobility. Via Adam Green Field – ‘Urban Mobility‘.