Nappy Notifier

Ogilvy Beijing’s Nappy Notifier tells parents when their baby needs changing. They brought together a moisture sensor and a Bluetooth low energy transmitter. And then fit it in a smaller, safe package. This device is connected to an app, that even has a wetness tolerance setting.

Xuxabag Diaper Bag

I wish we had one of these when we were lugging around diapers and such.

This is a fun bag for over the shoulder. It has a nice wide strap for comfort with two extra pockets to store stuff in. The inside fabric is cotton. The brown stripes on the outside are cotton and the green stripes are velvet.

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Diaper Dude bag

I’ve finally found a useful bag for those of who don’t want to carry around the pretty in pink bags our wives use. The Diaper Dude is a pouch covered pocket centred bag designed with men in mind. The messenger style keeps everything accessible, highlights include two hooks to hold pacifiers, the essential changing pad, plus a cell phone pocket. I like the style and the fact that it won’t slide off my shoulder. They have been featured heavily but I guess I read all the wrong magazines. About $60.00 for the Dude in Camouflage.

Skip Hop Duo Baby Bag

Though the baby days are passing, this bag is light years ahead of what we are using. It hangs neatly on a stroller, has adjustable stroller bar straps and removable shoulder strap, and a waterproof changing pad. About $110.00US.

Dad Field Bag

Do I really need a bag like this? Not really. My knapsack with a face cloth and towel would suffice. Would I buy one of these? Likely. Diaper bags in general seem like an unnecessary product category with functions that only slightly deviate from your everyday pack. But this often featured bag from Jack Spade is quite well designed, looks great, and adds a couple features that make it practical. The velcro closures which in other instances be a loud annoyance are absolutely a brilliant feature when you think about how you sometimes need to get inside your bag quickly. When someone is about to go pee you don’t have time to fiddle around with fancy buckles. The interior pockets are good for separating smelly stuff , from the non-smelly, and with the addition of a changing pad I no longer have to set down Camren with the worry of staining some shops expensive furniture. Style doesn’t come cheap as this bag with cost you $125.00US from Modern Seed. Originally appeared in Minzoo.

Thirsty Tote

I’ve featured Built NY products before and it’s not just because they nice product photography. I saw these this past weekend and thought they were a better alternative to simply throwing the bottle in a bank to leak all over the place. These totes stretch to fit baby bottles and sippy cups, while insulating and protecting the drinks. The Thirsty Tote also soaks up all spills and are machine washable – which eliminates those sour milk smells. Each tote includes a convenient carry handle that snaps to strollers, car seats, diaper bags, or whatever else is handy. Comes in a dble. bottle version as well. Prices start at about $9US for the single version.
More info. on their site.

Duo Diaper Bag

Say good-bye to those fluffy flowered diaper bags that you wouldn’t dare bring to hockey practice, this is a diaper bag even a guy can love. This modernist bag is fashioned after the classic messenger bag and with 600 dernier poly-canvas can withstand the all the punishment you give it. Bountiful pockets keep all your bottles, cups, phone, supplies and changing pad close at hand. Changing pad is included with bag. It’s available in black, charcoal, and red for a reasonable $54US.
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