The Market Bag

The Market Bag by Linus
Rugged waxed canvas with oil skin leather, and solid brass hardware. this bag is tough but with looks to match. Perfect for weekend outings or when taking a change of clothes into offices with a dress code. Carry it in with a shoulder strap, or roll up the sides when not in use. Available in navy or army green. D-ring’s add the option of locking bag to rack. Looks good on or off a bike.
The Market Bag by Linus. Vis swissmiss.

Wood Wood Tri Purse

Wood Wood Tri Purse
Despite the unfortunate purse moniker, this bag made from 100% sheep nappa is perfect for all your personal items like iPod, phone, passport, credit card holder. Not for the organized obsessed but perfect as a stuff sack.
Wood Wood Tri Purse

Lacoste Croc In The City Boston Bag

My adoration with various styles of Boston bags continues with this In The City Boston Bag by Lacoste Croc. Boston bags were the style du jour when I was a kid, which may in part be responsible for my renewed enthusiasm of the form. This Lacoste Croc. is much different from the Boston bags we carried as kids and hopefully will last longer than our cheap sneaker brand bags that we kept replacing every semester. The bag is made with lightweight nylon, has a large interior packet with zip enclosure, and a distinctive outside pocket. Stylish.

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Corallo Bag

It looks like a single stroke sketch that was immediately transformed into a bag. “Featuring a design inspired by the Campana Brothers’ innovative Corallo armchair, this remarkable bag features a spiraling shape that is meant to evoke coral branches”.
The Corallo Bag was found via Swissmiss.

Eagle Creek Scout

Last night while out doing some trend spotting, my 3 old son tells me blue Nike sneakers are cool, I came across some bags from Eagle Creek which I like. We have at least 1 Eagle Creek duffle which has served us well and I use their packing cubes whenever I travel. So I know their quality is generally top notch.
The Eagle Creek Scout looks perfect for city day tripping or for the traveller who doesn’t need to carry their life on their back. It looks perfect for carrying a camera (it’s padded), notebook, and a few gadgets and accessories. The side mesh pockets are great for your reusable water bottles and perhaps a small umbrella.
I think many people will like the ability to carry this on your waist, thereby freeing your shoulders and keeping you a bit cooler in the heat, but I always find that attaching anything to my waist causes my pants to fall down. Not the most pleasant experience in a crowd of people.
It comes in more than one color for those who think black is boring.

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Reusable bags

New colours for summer?

The 24-7 bag has been designed to be with you all the time. Really, all the time. That’s why the bag has a casual go anywhere, do anything style. We wanted the bag to work well for the grocery store, or a day of shopping in the city, but we also wanted people to feel good about carrying the 24-7 bag into a nice restaurant, or even a night at the movies

flip & tumble – reusable bags. Via swissmiss.

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Timbag- A bag for your iMac

Though it looks like it might just be a concept, the Timbag is a viable option for those who need to transport an iMac or Cinema display without repacking it in their original shipping boxes. Perhaps good for a LAN party when you want that big screen (leave your Shuttle PC at home)? It comes with a variety of pouches and panels to keep your equipment safe and protected. Prices start at €179.00.

Outpac Travel Safe

I prefer subtlety to more in your face attempts to safe guard my valuables when traveling but for some who have come to reply upon the false security hotel safes this might be a necessary product. No doubt that this will deter but the more determined thief. This tough bag is made with high-tensile, stainless-steel wire which is laminated between durable nylon fabric to form a rugged pouch. The bag cinches at the top with a draw wire which you secure to the heaviest object in the room with the included padlock. About $40.00US from REI. Via uncrate.

Large Billboard Pony Bag

I was reading GQ at my favourite Thai. curry restaurant last night and came across a whole section detailing just how fashionable it is to own bags like this large Billboard Pony. Retro is in and the large logo lets everyone know you believe it. The curry was quite excellent by the way but the coconut juice was blah. Befitting my graying temples I remember bags like these. It was about all a self respecting kid could take to gym class.
I actually have this bag, given as part of some promotion, and it functions perfectly as a day nighter. It doesn’t make me look fashionable or stylish, just old, as I am sure people likely think I had this bag since Pony was a big player back in the 70’s and 80’s. It’s designed for the “fashion forward consumer” who wants to buy a “fresh athletic inspired fashion product”. That’s not me but it might be you. $55.00US.
Check it out at Zappos.

Varick Nylon Small Mapbag

One category of bag which I find constantly buying would be “small compact bags to carry a sketch book and day planner in”. We will not call these man purses ok? I’ve gone through dozens, not because I buy items of poor quality but because they tend to be a bit easier on the pocket book. Well except for the Varick Nylon Small Mapbag which high of style appeal is at $198US a bit expensive for a nylon product and as such, for the poor man that I am, not an impulse buy. For some the habit of carrying a bag such as this has it’s routes in travel. They are perfect for carrying a map, guidebook, munchies, and a small camera. For me it has it’s routes as a “gigging” musician. A musician’s friend is his date and address book and since most of your work is acquired through social networking you have to be prepared at all times to check you calendar to fit in some work. These days I carry these bag types simply to free my hands – all I carry inside are diapers, pocket camera, and candy. This coach bag will be a good fit for all you urban adventurers.
From Coach.

Laundry Rug Bag

The Laundry Rug Bag seems a product destined for my bedroom. I don’t know if I should admit this or not but I’m messy. In the various places I have lived over the years I’ve tried a number of aesthetically pleasing containers for my dirty laundry – all of them ultimately impractical. As a result if you visit my bedroom, and I know you wouldn’t want to, you would find a pile of dirty clothes thrown in a pile on the floor. The Laundry Rug Bag makes this habit purposeful and manageable. “When you’re the owner of the Laundry Rug, you see, all you need do is throw your dirties into a pile on the rug – thoughtfully printed with a discard clothing motif – and then, when it’s time to chuck it all in the wash, just pull together the draw strings and watch as the rug transforms itself into a washing bag, ready to load your soiled garments into the gaping mouth of the nearest washing machine.” Cool.
More at Paramount Zone.
I found this gem of an idea at PopGadget, a lifestyle magazine that embraces technology as a regular and essential part of women’s lives. Popgadget was one of the inspirations for starting this site and our name.

Headphone Travel Package

If you are traveling this week and like myself can’t bear the in-flight audio entertainment or just want to ensure you have access to sonic delight than you might consider heading over to HeadRoom and configuring your “Mobile Line Package”. “Mobile Line package will put any headphone lover on the road with amazing sound; complete with portable headphone amp, high quality Sennheiser headphones, and HeadRoom carrying case to carry it all with protection and convenience. Just choose your amplifier, headphones, and bag.” While I would prefer to swap out the Sennheiser cans with either a pair of Beyerdynamic cans (for home) or Etymotic ER-4S (for travel), Headrooms prepackaged systems are a great start. Prices for the prepackaged systems start at about $229US.
Start with their Mobile Line Package. Their travel page gives some greater detail.

Pia Wallen Felt Bag

Stylish simple super clean bag from Sweden made of 100% wool. Leave it to Swedish designers to create something so beautiful from a simple form. Available in 3 colors for $149US.
Find it at Modern Seed

Eagle Creek Pack-It Sac and Folders

When traveling around Asia I like to keep mobile and relatively inconspicuous so I often opt out of expensive fancy luggage. You would usually see me carrying on my back a simple duffle or large laptop backpack. That doesn’t mean that I want to show up at my destination with a messy bag of wrinkled clothes. Nor does it mean that I don’t like to carry some crisp white dress shirts with me. To that end I have been relying on Eagle Creeks (and another no-name brand) pack-it folders and Sac’s to keep my clothes organized, flat, and clean. These durable travel necessities feature with see-through sides for easy identification of contents, mesh-reinforced polyurethane for durability and spill protection, carry clips, great zippers, and a pleated bottom which allows pouch to stand upright for easy loading and unloading. Highly recommended.
See more at their site.
If you’re a serious traveler, you’ll appreciate Magellan’s Catalog.

Sweaty Stuff Yoga Bag

Here is a product I wouldn’t have thought of.

“Store all of your sweaty gym stuff with your very own Sweaty Stuff Yoga Bag. This tubular, cargo style unisex sports bag set includes a mat bag, a separate sweaty stuff bag to store sweaty items, and two soft double-piqued cotton towels in hand and mat size. The outside of the bag has multiple zipper pockets, a zigzag bungee towel holder and expandable water bottle pouch.”

Believe it or not you don’t need expensive gym memberships to keep in shape. Good running shoes, some loose clothes, and a mat will take you a long way to getting rid of that belly that has been growing since you started sitting in a cubicle all day. If you are going to carry a mat you might as well carry it in a great bag.
Available at Wrapables.