Expandable File Case

Even in this day and age there are times when I need to go to a meeting with nothing but paper (shocking?). No laptop, pda, or camera, just basic sheets of A4 that need to be protected and shared. This expandable file case from jack Spade looks like an excellent stylish choice to either carrying a large laptop bag or like I do cheap plastic folios. I like the look of this bag allot and it certainly matches my jeans, t-shirts, and leather shoes uniform that I wear these days. Made with weather and abrasion-proof nylon/cotton it should protect your items from but the worst of weather conditions. Use it as an excuse to increase your hourly rates. $325US (I have to stop visiting the Neiman Marcus online store).
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Bosca Briefcases Partners Brief

I admit that this style of bag would never work for me. I try to avoid having to carry anything in my hands when I am walking, preferring to have things secured on my shoulder or back. The quality leather in this bag catches my eye. If you are an associate in a law firm or perhaps you want to reward yourself for getting tenure this bag will combine traditional elegance with the ability to carry all your modern tools. If you carry your laptop be sure to consider a sleeve to go with it. It has separate pockets for airline tickets, cell phone and four pen loops. Tanned and finished in Italy (but I think made in China), this brief’s leather burnishes beautifully over time, revealing a lovely patina. About $475.00US.
More info. on their site. You might want to check out the Bosca Computer Partner’s Brief as an alternative.

Peal & Co Briefcase

There are times when I must ditch the usual jeans and t-shirt outfit and don something more respectable for the suit and tie crowd. I’ve been a fan of Brooks Brothers Non-Iron dress shirts for some time and have a decent “corporate blue” which has stood up to abuse quite well. While looking on their site I came across the Peal & Co Briefcase. It’s certainly looks like a wonderfully made product – from England of tan calfskin, solid brass fittings, green bonded leather lining and reinforced steel frame. When was the last time you saw someone carrying around a briefcase – sans laptop? What do you carry in these things? A newspaper? It’s interesting just how far removed this product is from my experience of people carrying around laptop bags, messenger bags etc.. The last time I saw someone carrying a briefcase was in 1986 in college when I was hanging out with some business admin. students (though in later years some of my old professors had them as well). Maybe they will catch on again when we get digital displays as thin as paper.
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Ecolution Hemp Traveling Office Briefcase Bag

Well I cant say i would give this bag a glowing recommendation but it’s just different enough to give it a passing reference. I’m a bit sensitive to buying leather products these days due to some problems entering countries that prohibit certain leather products from entering their borders. Or perhaps I just haven’t found out a way to identify quality leather anymore – Roots and Reunion Blues used to have great leather products.
The bag is made from organic Romanian hemp and is waterproofed. Hemp is a strong material so there should be no cause for concern as to the longevity of the bag. If you prefer Kaosan road to Silom / Suriwong this might be the bag for you.
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