Roberu Compact Camera Bag

Compact Camera Bag
Compact Camera Bag
I love bags like this for their individuality and good looks. Nothing beats the look of leather as it is used over time. Roberu’s Tannin camera bag fits a wide range of camera models, is tannin dyed and oiled, has aged hardware and strap. Bags of this quality are always a great investment.
Roberu Compact Camera Bag

Built Cargo Camera Bag

built cargo camera bag large
Built’s padded camera cases introduced this past summer look fun and stylish. The Cargo Camera Bag, pictured above, is big enough to hold a range of SLR cameras and lenses, and includes padded dividers that you can adjust or remove as needed. It features an exterior with protective semi-firm EVA and neoprene, with the bottom incorporating additional padding to provide extra protection in case of hard drops. The Cargo Camera Bag is available in a trio of colors.
Also available is the Cargo Camera Bag Medium and the Soft Shell Camera Case.
I’m not a fan of neoprene in general but I do appreciate the design of the bags I see by Built.
Built Cargo Camera Bag Large

Bowler Camera Bag

This is the camera bag du jour. What it lacks in practicality it more than makes up for in cutes.

The Bowler’s dual zippered top is a cinch to use. Her side saddle pockets are super handy for doodads like cleaning cloths, memory cards, lens caps, tiny plastic dinosaurs … etc. And, for the gal on the go, sturdy loops are built on the inside pockets for an (optional) shoulder strap.
Inside, the Bowler has an adjustable padded divider so you can pack any SLR nice and snug while still toting additional lenses. A quilted tri-cot lining keeps your camera extra secure.

Photojojo’s Bad-Ass Bowler Camera Bag, zing!

Eagle Creek Scout

Last night while out doing some trend spotting, my 3 old son tells me blue Nike sneakers are cool, I came across some bags from Eagle Creek which I like. We have at least 1 Eagle Creek duffle which has served us well and I use their packing cubes whenever I travel. So I know their quality is generally top notch.
The Eagle Creek Scout looks perfect for city day tripping or for the traveller who doesn’t need to carry their life on their back. It looks perfect for carrying a camera (it’s padded), notebook, and a few gadgets and accessories. The side mesh pockets are great for your reusable water bottles and perhaps a small umbrella.
I think many people will like the ability to carry this on your waist, thereby freeing your shoulders and keeping you a bit cooler in the heat, but I always find that attaching anything to my waist causes my pants to fall down. Not the most pleasant experience in a crowd of people.
It comes in more than one color for those who think black is boring.

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Domke F6 Little Bit Smaller Camera bag

The Domke F6 Little Bit Smaller is a light and discrete camera bag made of heavy-duty canvas. It looks like a camera bag but it’s size, fabric, and low profile doesn’t scream tourist with expensive camera gear. Other than lasting you a lifetime the bag might allow you to slip comfortably into situations where the perfect photo opportunity presents itself. I like how it allows me to take just what I need without the usual overabundance of dividers, pockets, and slow to reach compartments.
More info. here or follow a discussion here. Also, The Gear I Stuff In A Domke F6 on flickr.

Tenba Photo/Laptop Backpack

Whenever I consider a bag like this I think about how uncomfortable it would be to carry all my gear on my back over long distances. I would refer to dump the laptop and be satisfied with a portable photo-disc and an iPod touch. But if you must carry a laptop, and it’s nice to be able to present photographs to clients on a photo shoot, then the Tenba Gen-3 looks very promising.

… [It] offers easy-to-access, organized space for a full sized professional D/SLR kit with multiple lenses and flash, plus separate, protective storage for a laptop, including many 15” models. The bag includes movable/removable divider panels, multiple accessory pockets, a movable/removable accessory pouch for a phone or portable audio device, a wallet for flash media cards, and many other practical features. The Backpack also has a removable divider shelf between the top storage and the bottom camera compartment, to convert the interior into one large storage space–while still keeping the padded laptop sleeve intact.

I like how the front sections open to reveal their contents and the harness cover is very useful. They also understand the importance of a bright interior to aid in finding all the small objects that you carry with you. A video after the jump.

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Brazillion Dollar Home SLR Camera Bag

I doubt they intended for it to be used in this manner but the Crumpler Brazillion Dollar Home slr camera bag looks like a great 3 day get away and/or carry-on bag. It should work well for me as I always seem to travel with a small laptop and slr body and lense. Other than this kit I tend to travel very light so this set-up should work well – especially with the front pocket to carry passport, tickets, and a notebook.
The Brazillion Dollar Home is designed to carry 2 slr bodies with glass attached, all the associated gear, and a large screen laptop. This much gear can be heavy so you have the option of carrying the bag as either a shoulder bag or (somewhat) as a backpack. This isn’t a messenger so it will take actual use to determine wether using a shoulder bag is comfortable enough when carrying all this gear.
Made with water resistant 1000D shell, brushed nylon, 300D and ripstop linings. Very annoying oversized strap excluded the other slr bag from Crumpler I own, an older 5 Million Dollar Home, has proven to be a great investment. So I would expect that this will prove to be the same.
Repurpose your bags! You can purchase the bag for $390.00AU on Crumpler’s Australia site which is regrettably one of the worst in the industry. The bags are worth it though.

BuiltNY Electric Pocket

Taking snapshots with your compact camera is a lot of fun. The bag you carry it in should be too. Get rid of your boring black camera case and treat yourself and your camera to this fun stripped Electric Pocket from BuiltNY. It attaches like a luggage tag to belts, backpacks, handbags, etc. and stretches to fit various devices. It’s soft fleece interiour keeps your camera comfortable and scratch free, while the outside, made from neoprene, is stain resistant and machine washable. Check out the demo video from Photojojo. Buy 2 from Photojojo for $42.00US. Also available from our favourite bag retailer Rushfaster. Photo from Rushfaster.

Lomography Hipshot bag


“Try the shot from the hip.” Easily said and now easily done with the compact Hipshot case.

Despite the fact that every one that I buy seems to break my love affair with lomo plastic cameras continues. Available in fine stores all over Bangkok is the Lomography Hipshot bag – throwing this camera in your book bag just isn’t cool anymore. The outside is made with 100% Thermoplastic Elastomer “Water-resistant, lightweight, super-durable, environmentally friendly synthetic material”. Jean Snow likes the white one but I’ll take the green if for no other reason than I hate to be reminded just how dirty the air is here. With the cost of film and processing I think I’ll shoot from the hip using my digital. For $35.00US you can have this Lomographic third arm. Thanx Jean Snow

Crumpler Camera Bag

This is another entry for the flickr pool “what’s in your Bag” and a more recent pool celebrating all that is Crumpler. I’m fascinated by groups like this.
This particular bag of mine is an older Crumpler 5 Million Dollar Home camera bag. I bought this bag in a rush at Siam Center in Bangkok one afternoon and have mildly regretted it ever since. I detest the colour of the bag and the lack of an exterior handle is a real short coming. I do like the interior construction and the overall quality of the bag. It’s stiff so I can take my camera in and out quite easily unlike the lose edges of other bags that invariably get in the way. Looking at these bags lately I see that they have completely changed the interiors, retired the hideous color, and added an exterior handle. Certainly recommended. AUD $110 at Rushfaster.

Airport Security rolling carry-on bag

Airport Security rolling carry-on bag
Think Tank Photo have designed a piece of luggage with target customers needs (in this case fears) and their constraints from the outset resulting in a bag that “allows photographers to use their rolling camera bag not only as a means of transporting equipment from one site to the next, but for storing it securely during the shoot.” The Airport Security rolling carry-on bag can variety of different photographic equipment (lens hoods up to 8″ in diameter), has locked compartments, and a cable from a secret rear hatch to secure the bag to immovable objects. $360.00US at Roberts.

Domke J-803 Digital Satchel Camera and Laptop Bag

In my ongoing search for combination camera and laptop bags I came across the Domke J-803 Digital Satchel yesterday at Taipei’s FNAC. Domke has long been a mainstay of professional photographers. Their bags are usually known for their high quality and from what I saw yesterday this satchel is no exception. The smallest of Domke satchels have also gained a large following among photographers who don’t want to call attention to their expensive equipment. It’s of those category of bags that don’t scream out – steal my camera! The Domke J-803 is designed to carry the laptops, electronic organizers and digital cameras; all the standard gear we carry today. It comes with 11 compartments and pockets to organize the equipment. The outer shell is made with 1050 denier ballistic nylon, while the back panel uses 420 denier oxford nylon. I think the specs I have seen of the web overstate the protection afforded on the bottom. You are certainly going to want to put your laptop in some kind of sleeve when you carry it in this bag. The bag uses this same strap that I saw on the other Domke bags they had on display. I don’t think it works that well with the added weight that a laptop will bring. You might want to invest in another as it doesn’t seem to be very comfortable. $80.00US.
Check out the Domke J-803 Digital Satchel Camera Bag

Kiesel Messenger Styled Camera bag

I’ve been on the look out for a bag that will carry both my 12″ Powerbook, a DSLR, and a few small essentials safely and securely. Being the demanding type I want it to be light, look good, be very water resistant, and last a million years. There are a few manufacturers out there which come close and though they lose out in the looks good criteria the Kiesel Messenger Styled Camera bags certainly deserve to be considered. You can carry allot of gear in these bags. Kiesel’s MX500 has numerous padded dividers for shock protection and as intended allows for some custom fitting of lenses etc.. The front zippered pocket features multiple pockets to hold accessories such as a PDA, cords, memory cards, CD’s, and other items. It also comes with a padded laptop sleeve capable of carrying a laptop computer up to 15.5″ x 11.5″ x 2.5″ but I suggest you consider buying something like the the Brain Cell (if it will fit) for added piece of mind. $87.00US.
Available direct from Kiesel.