Camera Bag Insert

When I bought my Blunderbus / Quarfie Shoulder Bag one of it’s immediate uses was to carry around my Canon dslr. While convenient I never really felt comfortable carrying around such an expensive camera unprotected. After reading about the Naneu Lima Camera Bag on Uncrate I went out and bought an OEM version of the bag branded Jenova. It’s a cool concept, a camera bag that doesn’t look like a camera bag, but in practice the bag absolutely sucks! What I should have done is bought this camera bag insert by Crumpler for the Blunderbus / Quarfie shoulder bag. After inserted it looks like it will leave just enough room to stuff a couple other essential items. It would work for other bags as well. What we need are semi rigid inserts designed for particular cameras that offer some real protection. That way I can through my camera in what ever bag I am using that day without fear of hearing some glass crunching sound. $30US.
Camera Bag Insert for the Blunderbus / Quarfie Shoulder Bag.

The Podzilla Holster Style SLR Camera Bag

I’m always on the look out for a new camera bag and I saw this particular model on the hip of photographer I met over dinner a short time ago. While I always have the fear that wearing a heavy object around my waist will cause my pants to fall down, this Holster Style SLR Camera Bag looks like it might be worth the risk. With over 20 pockets and compartments, this bag is able to carry your larger digital or 35mm SLR camera, your MP3 jukebox, your portable gaming device, your GPS, or just about any other handheld technology product, along with every cord, adapter, card and battery that goes with it. It’s fully padded and the side walls are reinforced with lightweight polyethylene sheets sewn into the linings, to prevent tension or pressure on fragile memory cards stored in the two side pockets, while affording an extra measure of protection to the main compartment. About $47US.
More info. here.

Waterproof SLR Camera case

I could have used this during may last mini-break on the beach. Taking an expensive slr on a sandy beach is a recipe for a trip to the camera shop for a cleaning or a ruined camera. Leaving it the bag on the beach chair (which I did) risks theft. The Aquapac SLR Camera Case lets you use your SLR camera in and around the water without worry. It keeps the sand out, allows you to take underwater photos (to 15 feet), and it even floats. Available for about $120US at Altrec and REI.
More info. on the Aquapac site.
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Naneu Lima Camera Bag

When I am travelling across Asia I don’t like to advertise the fact that I am carrying a bag full of expensive camera gear. This has more to do with politeness than any real concern for things getting stolen (though why be an obvious target). With stock camera bags there is “I’m a tourist” or “hey I have a camera” look about them which isn’t convenient when you are in urban stealth mode, trying to blend in with the environment to get those natural shots. The Naneu Lima Camera Bag solves all these problems. Designed like a compact briefcase, the Lima holds an SLR camera (with attached lens), an extra lens, and an accessory flash within its protective and customizable foam insert. 8 external pockets hold extra accessories, wallet, cell phone, etc. If you’re leaving your gear at home, then the foam inserts easily pull out to allow access to the entire bag. Includes an adjustable padded shoulder strap. Crafted in water-resistant 900D nylon. Its military color schemes are a fresh alternative to the usual navy/maroon/grey color schemes available for photography bags.
More info on their site.