Kelty x Beams zip bags

Kelty x Beams zip bags

Kelty x Beams zip bags. Via A Continuous Lean: “I use the big one as my “International Economy” bag (which I only bring when I am flying a redeye to Europe or to Asia in steerage). It holds a travel pillow, Nalgene bottle and a pair of Muji travel slippers (because you don’t want to hit the highly trafficked economy bathroom in socks).” A nicer alternative to what I have been using.

Journal Bandolier

Journal Bandolier
I’m thinking of buying one of these just to see if I use this to keep my pencils, iPhone and notebook in a tight carry-able pile. Brilliant name.
The Journal Bandolier is a handmade strap fitted with small loops for carrying pens, pencils, and other handy tools wrapped around a journal, planner, or other book.
An elegant reincarnation of the book straps our parents always told us they had to use when they walked barefoot in the snow for 6 hours to get to school.
Journal Bandolier. Via Uncrate.

Varick Nylon Small Mapbag

One category of bag which I find constantly buying would be “small compact bags to carry a sketch book and day planner in”. We will not call these man purses ok? I’ve gone through dozens, not because I buy items of poor quality but because they tend to be a bit easier on the pocket book. Well except for the Varick Nylon Small Mapbag which high of style appeal is at $198US a bit expensive for a nylon product and as such, for the poor man that I am, not an impulse buy. For some the habit of carrying a bag such as this has it’s routes in travel. They are perfect for carrying a map, guidebook, munchies, and a small camera. For me it has it’s routes as a “gigging” musician. A musician’s friend is his date and address book and since most of your work is acquired through social networking you have to be prepared at all times to check you calendar to fit in some work. These days I carry these bag types simply to free my hands – all I carry inside are diapers, pocket camera, and candy. This coach bag will be a good fit for all you urban adventurers.
From Coach.

Small Banff Bag

This Roots brand duffle is made from Lined Football leather and is suitable for most weekend get aways. It come complete with interior passport pocket and shoulder strap and should meet most carry on guidelines.
Though their catalogue has been changing for the worse, I have always been a great fan of Roots leather products. Very high quality and they only increase in value with age. Their shoes used to be excellent and when I was growing up in Eastern Canada they were the preferred show of the preppy set. They possessed great quality at reasonable prices – at least if you factor in just how long they last. Unfortunately the shoes (seem to) have been removed from their catalogue and they tend to focus on active wear for those who aren’t active.
Roots lifestyle magazine has posted a short video of their leather making process at their Toronto factory.
A little more info. on their site.