The Three-day Travel Bag

Though I have developed a general distain for wheeled carry-on luggage, if I had to take one the Three-day Travel Bag would be on my list. Looks great.

Whisk to airport with spacious wheelie bag for quick weekend get-away. Retractable handle steers casing banded with seatbelt-style, metal-buckled compression straps. Main compartment comprises laundry sleeve and removable shoe sack. Neoprene construction adds stretch to zip for closing ease. Top pocket conveniently placed for keys, coins and phone.

The Three-day Travel Bag

Tom Bihn’s Convertible Packing Cube

I don’t usually travel without a packing cube or two. They are a great way to keep organised and neat while traveling light. The cubes I have are remarkably well made and since they essentially carry much of what I need I have often thought of ditching the bag I put them in and using them alone. Or using them for day trips and leaving the heavier out bag I use at the hotel. Unfortunately they don’t have straps, making the job of carrying them inconvenient. Tom Bihn has released a Convertible Packing Cube/Backpack which seems to fit this need exactly. Like all of Tom Bihn’s products they are built to last and unlike most bags today are locally made in his Seattle, Washington factory. Worth looking into before your next trip.
Convertible Packing Cube/Backpack

Patagonia Maximum Legal Carry-On

I still haven’t ditched my durable but dysfunctional travel backpack for something geared toward frequent airport usage. While there are other great products which fill a similar niche the Patagonia MLC (Maximum Legal Carry-On) may have an edge with it’s internal floating compartment.

… convenience and functionality in a soft-sided suitcase that holds three to five days’ worth of clothes and still meets ultrastrict airline carry-on size requirements. Hidden, ergonomic shoulder straps quickly convert the MLC to a backpack for mad dashes through terminals. A new “elephant ear” zippered panel and external pockets for airline tickets, passport and cell phone provide easy, one-handed access. An internal floating divider/compression panel and water-resistant laundry locker separate good from bad. Coated fabrics (1,680-denier ballistics cloth nylon and 150-denier polyester) deflect rain and sleet.


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Emmedi Travel Bag


The new Emmedi range from Mandarina Duck brings lightweight and comfortable design, and blends it with classy yet contemporary style. Combining the raw design and materials that made the ‘Workbag’ range so popular, and bringing a refreshing feminine touch, the bags in the Emmedi line will no doubt be a huge success.

Great bag and despite the proposed ‘feminine touch’, a bag I could see myself carrying on the next weekend excursion.
Mandarina Duck Emmedi Travel Bag

Samsonite Hero AI1 Upright

Carry your clothes in a case that looks like your ribcage. The concept is so off the wall I like it. Made from 100% ABS, the rib cage shell of the hero piece is designed to protect your belongings much like the human rib cage protects one’s vital organs.

“The human ribcage protects our vital organs as we move about in the world. Luggage takes on the same role as we travel and pack our worldly possessions inside for safe transport, ” said McQueen at the Samsonite launch of his new collection. Available in both bone and black, the hero piece boasts a ribcage and sternum outline in the front, and a backbone on the back.

Alexander McQueen Hero AI1 Upright – Samsonite Black Label

Rimowa Topas Aluminum Carry-on


Rimowa’s Topas aluminum cases are among the lightest and sturdiest cases in the world. The grooved aluminum-magnesium shells will protect against severe humidity and extreme temperature changes and stand up to the stresses of frequent travel.

These cases are nearly indestructible and make an amazing choice for carry-on luggage.
Available here.

Porter Carry-on Bag

I love this carry-on from Porter’s travel series of bags. Carry-on might be a bit of a misnomer as it’s large with a “45 liter” internal capacity (they have a smaller one). It’s been designed with long stays in mind. You should be aware of the difficulties in carrying on luggage this large, you may or may not have luck using this on domestic flights in Canada and the US. Thoughtful design of side pockets allowing you to carry your pleura of guidebooks and magazines.
You can order these online for shipping to the US or elsewhere. Cost is about $525.00US plus shipping.

High Sierra Cabin Trolly

Another bag that matches my current colour sensibility. Other than trim, all my bags are a boring black. Black is cold and functional, perhaps a little bit of colour can help alleviate in some small way the stress of travel. With it’s distinctly modern look (it ooozes modern travel), clean lines, and at only 4.5 kg – it’s light weight, the High Sierra Cabin Trolly is a suitable nag for the rigors of frequent hops between airports. Loads of storage space – including room for a Powerbook – and Dupont Teflon fabric collection round out it’s features. I think it looks well designed. $170.00US.

Kipling Georgia wheeled laptop case

Whenever I see a Kipling bag I am always reminded of the time years ago when I was visiting a particular Kipling store located then in Taipei’s Warner Village. Checking out the construction of one of their messenger bags a sales clerk asked if I would like to try it on to see if it looked right. In Taipei bags are about fashion and not utility. The kipling georgia wheeled laptop case might be one of the more useful of their bags I have seen. Features include: lightweight water-resistant nylon material, retractable handle pull and durable skate wheels, tons of pockets, and room for laptops with up to 15″ screens. As more and more of my travel these days is simply car to airport to train/taxi to destination slinging a heavy bag over my shoulder is less of a necessity. Though touted as a bag for women I think I could see myself using this – if it looked ok in the mirror. $225.00 US at kolobags.

Flight One Pan Am Bag

These bags bring back memories of old TV reruns like Hawaii Five 0 and the concept of air travel as something interesting and fun. Free drinks with swizzle sticks and tours of the cockpit – those were the days. The flight one bag measures 10″ x 10″ x 3.5″w. and is repleat with bold graphics and durable exterior with a compact square shape. Perfect for carrying a large lunch on those flights where they charge you extra or try to poison you with yet another overcooked chicken dish. $52.00US.

Mandarina Duck Isi Cabin Trolley

For most people the holiday travel season will be or will have come to an end. Unfortunately for some of us their was no holiday season at all. Of course with air travel comes the joys of lost or damaged luggage. Damaged either by trying to stuff far to many gifts into a small space or by the occasional disgruntled ground crew who take great joy in throwing your bag with great force. If you flew Air Canada, lost luggage is seemingly part of their service agreement, a fact we have confirmed a number of times. This may sound like a downer, and certainly losing al your gifts could certainly be, but if you look on the bright side this gives you the perfect opportunity to purchase some new quality luggage. And with that segue comes the Isi Cabin Trolley, another beautiful high quality bag from Mandarina Duck. The Isi series, or project as they cal it, is characterized by lightness and Mandarina Duck claims they are the lightest on the market. An important feature when you are traversing ever growing regional airports. The materials are lightweight, colourful and tough. The bag features an extending handle for trolley use, a further aside handle for carrying, a main inside zip closure with elesticated straps for clothes, a small internal pocket with zip closure, and an outside front pocket with zip closure and clever address tag. $318.AUS at Rushfaster.
Via Compradicción Photo via Rushfaster.

Brazillion Dollar Home SLR Camera Bag

I doubt they intended for it to be used in this manner but the Crumpler Brazillion Dollar Home slr camera bag looks like a great 3 day get away and/or carry-on bag. It should work well for me as I always seem to travel with a small laptop and slr body and lense. Other than this kit I tend to travel very light so this set-up should work well – especially with the front pocket to carry passport, tickets, and a notebook.
The Brazillion Dollar Home is designed to carry 2 slr bodies with glass attached, all the associated gear, and a large screen laptop. This much gear can be heavy so you have the option of carrying the bag as either a shoulder bag or (somewhat) as a backpack. This isn’t a messenger so it will take actual use to determine wether using a shoulder bag is comfortable enough when carrying all this gear.
Made with water resistant 1000D shell, brushed nylon, 300D and ripstop linings. Very annoying oversized strap excluded the other slr bag from Crumpler I own, an older 5 Million Dollar Home, has proven to be a great investment. So I would expect that this will prove to be the same.
Repurpose your bags! You can purchase the bag for $390.00AU on Crumpler’s Australia site which is regrettably one of the worst in the industry. The bags are worth it though.

Mandarina Duck Workbag and Carry-on

I love the simple lines and thoughtful design of this “Workbag” from Mandarina Duck. The Intelligent use of colour, burnt orange, adds a sense of style and utility to the bag. Bright interiours for small spaces makes finding things far easier. The two front pockets open just far enough to allow you to grab the essentials without setting the bag off it’s wheels. Rounding out this carry-on are a large main compartment with zip closure and internal pockets, inside straps for clothes, 2 toiletries bags, an extendable handle for trolley use, and a side handle & top handle for easy carrying (partial source rushfaster). Though you will want to check with your airline this bag should meet carry-on requirements. Approximately $420.00US from rushfaster.

Tom Bihn Aeronaut Bag Review

Imago Metrics has published a thorough review of the Tom Bihn Aeronaut carry-on duffle bag. They report, “As airlines strive to penalize customers with fines for oversized and overweight carry-on’s the Aeronaut is the best solution that combines maximum volume and minimized weight with durability, styling and user comfort. In true Tom Bihn style- form and function are evenly matched. Ergonomic, flexible and user accommodating- the Aeronaut is sure to make your next journey a pleasure.” Read the full review. The Aeronaut is $160.00US from Tom Bihn.

Paul Smith Trolley Bag

Getting away in style still seems to be Paul Smiths mantra when he designs luggage. The Trolley bag like the Overnight Bag I wrote about previously fits this ideal perfectly. Comes in khaki or black on the exteriour and a retractable handle to make those journeys across the airport more manageable. Weighs 2kgs and measures 41cm x 34cm x 16cm. Buy it online at the Paul Smith Shop for £ 249.00.