Hardwood Card Case by Cardissimo

Hardwood Card Case by Cardissimo

The CARDISSIMO Hardwood Card Case features an elegant new design that allows the holder to take out a card with just a slide of the thumb.
Measuring 62 by 100 millimetres, with a depth of 8 millimetres, it is also suitable for holding credit cards. It’s spring mounted clasp protects cards from damage, even when only one card remains inside.

Silva Bamboo MacBook Case

Silva Bamboo MacBook Case
Silva Bamboo MacBook Case
This handmade super-slim bamboo case is designed to carry and protect your Mac laptop and “show off as much as it can”. The inside is lined with soft wool and the handle is made from a single piece of leather. Tung oil brings the bamboo to life. Very striking and since it’s made from renewable materials, it’s a case you can feel good about purchasing.
Silva Bamboo MacBook Case

Moleskine iPhone & iPad

Moleskine iPhone & iPad
I have been waiting to find a source for these since I heard they were available last year. Unfortunately there is still isn’t an iPhone 4 version nor one for an iPod Touch. I would buy an iPod Touch specifically for use with this case if I could find one in Asia.
One of my major use cases for “iDevices” is studying and recording notes. I still carry a paper notebook with me whenever I am carrying my bag; paper is still my preferred input method and a good compliment to the apps I frequently use on my iPhone. I simply take notes on paper and record the important ones using the iPhones camera and Evernote. A case like this would be a nice convenience.
I haven’t spent enough time inputing data with an iPad to judge it’s effectiveness over paper (using a stylus like a Nomad Brush). But I could imagine that the iPad version of this case would be loved by people like my wife who don’t feel comfortable taking meeting notes on anything other than paper.
Moleskine iPhone & iPad

Kansai computer portfolio

Want Les Essentiels de la Vie Kansai computer portfolio
Elegant traditional a4 sized portfolio to carry your business essentials which ideally would include a MacBook Air or possibly something slightly larger. Want Les Essentiels de la Vie’s Kansai computer portfolio also carries your notepad, iPhone, business cards, pens and more. Beautifully finished and available in black, white, grey, dark brown, green, Macintosh red or burnt henna.
Want Les Essentiels de la Vie’s Kansai computer portfolio

Timbuk2 T-Pack Laptop Case

Timbuk2 T-Pack Laptop Case
Timbuk2 is the latest company to add to the growing number of accessories introduced over the past year for small 10″ devices or netbooks. With the ability to stuff a netbook in your small messenger, tote, purse or just about any medium size bag you own, I’m not sure of the appeal. With the introduction of their T-Pack Laptop Case Timbuk2 thinks differently, and judging from the reviews other people do too. This bag can be worn as a backpack, shoulder bag, or with straps removed as a simple laptop sleeve. You might want to check the dimensions of your netbook against the bag to ensure a good fit.

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Hard Graft Sporting Phone Case

hard graft sporting case
Handmade with sustainable materials Hard graft’s handsome Sporting Phone Case is a perfect combination of old-world craftsmanship, style, and function. It looks almost too good to sully with a cheap plastic mass produced product. Made with premium new wool felt and hand selected Italian leather for a range of phones/devices including the iPhone, iPod touch, Palm Pre, Blackberry and Google G1.
I’ve previously featured their 2UNFOLD multi-use laptop bag and their iPhone Pouch and Laptop Wallet, when they were called Working Class Heroes.
Thanks Chris!

Porter ‘Zoom’ bags

Found on Arknets are a new range of casual bags – the Zoom Collection. It’s a big hard to translate the Japanese. This new line includes backpacks, messenger bags, waist bags, and cases. The messenger pictured above is a combination of oil/water resistant leather and nylon in black, while the others, seen after the jump, include a modernistic silver. The silver is a bit too space 1999 for me. All are viewable at Ark.

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Chloe Dao Floral Laptop Case

Beautiful pattern. Nuo enlisted Houston based Chloe Dao, the winner of the second season of the reality show Project Runway, to design their line of slim laptop bags. The Chloe Dao Floral Laptop Case pictured above is made from thick and lightweight high density molded foam thereby protecting your laptop scratches and bumps.
Wikipedia has a good profile of Chloe Dao and you can view her current collection at Lot8 boutique and at her official website.
Find the Chloe Dao Floral Laptop Case at CareerBags. Laptop Bag Lifeline has a good overview of the Nuo Laptop Bag line.

Fatboy Bags

Beautiful minimalist design at an affordable price.

The Fatboy bags are a colorful unisex collection for a very broad range of ages. Very strong materials with environmental friendly coatings were mixed with elements from the aviation and extreme sports industry. Parachute buckles; seatbelts, scuba diving zippers and noiseless Velcro are some examples for the original and highly detailed finishing on the outside and inside of the bags.

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Suede cell phone case (Nokia, HTC et al.)

I have had a hard time finding a suitable case to carry my Nokia Nseries. The local have lots of crap but nothing that offers simple protection for the glossy finger print prone screen. My Nokia is no iPhone but it still needs some protection. In comes this suede jacket case from Waterfield designs. From their product data:

This Ultrasuede™ slipcase prevents scratches on your cell phone. The elasticity of the pocket keeps it flat when empty and stretchy enough to hold your bluetooth or earbuds safely. Low profile slides easily into your shirt or jeans pocket. Comes in three sizes for a perfect fit on your Samsung Instinct, HTC Touch Diamond, HTC Touch Pro, LG Dare, BlackBerry Bold, BlackBerry Curve, Palm Pre or the Google Android G1.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much of a product photograph that might give you insight as to whether this is the pouch for you (and I haven’t ordered one yet). But based on Waterfield’s reputation, and the reasonable cost, it seems like a safe bet.
More info. here.

SIGG Lunch Box

So much of what we purchase just doesn’t last but this lunch box from SIGG looks like it could stand the rigors of our active family.
“This striking and innovative lunchbox includes cutlery. Stylish design for your picnics and snacks in the park or on the beach”.
See it here at the SIGG shop

Wooden MacBook and MacBook pro Case

This case is arguably more beautiful than the MacBook it is designed to protect. The Wooden Laptop Case with leather lining and a magnetic closing device is designed to accomodate both the 15″ MacBook and MacBook Pro. To purchase you need to contact the artist directly. I have a feeling that this will be expensive but it’s likely worth every penny.

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