Noise cancelling on your window

Silence has become a scarce and almost luxurious experience; it’s one of the experiences I look forward to when returning home to Eastern Canada. I’ve tried all kinds of noise cancelling techniques to help quell the noise pollution in the building where we live but poor building standards, a culture that loves noise, and loose enforcement of when you can use that concrete drill makes it impossible. This pebble like device you can see here lets you reclaim that silence for your home. It turns your window into an advanced noise cancelling system that allows you to eliminate and/оr control the sounds that pass through. I hope we see these mobile-like devices in the real world soon so that we can take our own personal decibel level with us where ever we go.



Silent Circle and Geeksphone have partnered to combine best-of-breed hardware with all the skills and experience necessary to offer, Blackphone the world’s first smartphone to put privacy and control ahead of everything else. Ahead of carriers. Ahead of advertising. Blackphone is re-shaping the landscape of personal communications.

It would be great to have this option in the marketplace.

Twitter. A Digital Experience

Fred Nerby’s reinvention of Twitter. “A conceptual approach, creating a deeper engagement and visual experience through content and communication between users, artists, magazines and new media…and all other distributors world wide”.

Beyond broadcasting updates, I’ve long stopped using twitter. I just never developed the kind of personal connections with friends there that I can on other sites. Any reconceptualising is welcomed I think.

ORA Smart Watch

Interesting concept from PEGA D&E.

This wearable device continues to carry the functions a smart device has and, at the same time, provides a more desirable interaction and better information filtering approach. Important information is always presented to date and is always ready when you need it.

ORA’s operating interface expands the Windows 8 Live Tile function. By integrating virtual Live Tiles onto a physical device (the watch), customized information are easily transformed into useable knowledge for your business / personal uses. Cellular phones are no longer the sole provider of information; we now have the option to liberate ourselves from staring at our phones ALL THE TIME, and finally being able to interact with real human beings as we should.

iOS 7 Apple iPhone 5S Concept Video

Experience designer Joe Hall’s concept for the next iOS. “This is an exploration into motion and emotion and what that would feel like on the iPhone. This is not intended to redesign the UI or as a comment on new features”.

Bark, a minimalist wallet made from cork


Carry the essentials and simplify your life with the minimalist Bark wallet. Designed and hand sewn in California, the wallet is crafted from cork fabric, the perfect alternative to leather. Cork has rugged beauty and durability, and is guilt free! Slim enough to slip into your pocket without creating stress lines, this wallet fits in the palm of your hand and helps you cut the unnecessary from your life. Customize with red, blue, bronze, or white stitching. Designed, laser cut, and sewn in California.

Nice idea. Bark Wallet.

Will We Be Hearing More from Mobile Audio Interfaces?


I’m particularly excited about the development of recorded music that never sounds the same twice—varying randomly or with listener interaction—Brian Eno’s generative music being the first and most well known example.

The tech lovers at last week’s MEX Mobile User Experience conference in London were treated to all manner of fantastical visions of our further mobile empowered futures; big data, connected cars, smart homes, Internet of Things, gestural interfaces, personal mini-drones—the lot.

Few presentation this year will be complete without at least passing reference to the game changing nature or dystopian social implications of soon-to-be-unleashed Google Glass. Surprisingly, however, a couple of jaw-dropping demonstrations were enough to leave many of those attending wondering whether we might be missing a slightly quieter revolution taking hold. Could immersive audio be about to come of age in mobile user experience?

Having played second fiddle to the visual interface for decades, being so often the reserve of experimental art installations or niche concepts for the blind, audio has yet to find mass interaction application outside of alarms, alerts, ringtones and the occasional novelty bottle opener. All of this, however, could be set to change, if the two fields of binaural sound and dynamic music can find their way into the repertoire of interaction designers.

Amazing Anti-Thief Security Case!

Why hasn’t anyone made a laptop case with this same ‘amazing technology’? When someone takes off with the case the handle crushes their hand and telescoping handles make it impossible to carry.

Smart E-Book Interface Demo

Wonderful work. It’s still pictures under glass which I think is still largely inferior to the tangible nature of paper – an opinion which may be born from a lifetime of familiarity. The progression to a purely digital and enjoyable reading environment will come when we leave the familiar metaphors of the printed page and continue to explore new ways of interacting with data. Certainly the iPad and the Kindle is only the beginning.