Chester Squander laptop bag

The Chester Squander is Crumpler’s version of a top loading laptop briefcase. I believe these might be a part of the newly introduced squirrel line which is Crumpler’s first foray into the briefcase format. Prices range from $40 sleeves to $240 mega-sized models that you can pack at least four MacBook Airs into. The Chester Squander pictured above is made with a water resistant 600D polyester shell, 150D Ripstop lining, and brushed polyester lined main compartment. The bag has a full briefcase organizer, expandable filing pocket and storage space. It can be configured to carry 13″ to 15″ laptops in 4 stylish colours. Generally the Crumpler bags I have owned have stood up to years of abuse without missing a beat. The Chester Squander is $95.00. More pictures after the jump.

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Crumpler Camera Bag

This is another entry for the flickr pool “what’s in your Bag” and a more recent pool celebrating all that is Crumpler. I’m fascinated by groups like this.
This particular bag of mine is an older Crumpler 5 Million Dollar Home camera bag. I bought this bag in a rush at Siam Center in Bangkok one afternoon and have mildly regretted it ever since. I detest the colour of the bag and the lack of an exterior handle is a real short coming. I do like the interior construction and the overall quality of the bag. It’s stiff so I can take my camera in and out quite easily unlike the lose edges of other bags that invariably get in the way. Looking at these bags lately I see that they have completely changed the interiors, retired the hideous color, and added an exterior handle. Certainly recommended. AUD $110 at Rushfaster.

Camera Bag Insert

When I bought my Blunderbus / Quarfie Shoulder Bag one of it’s immediate uses was to carry around my Canon dslr. While convenient I never really felt comfortable carrying around such an expensive camera unprotected. After reading about the Naneu Lima Camera Bag on Uncrate I went out and bought an OEM version of the bag branded Jenova. It’s a cool concept, a camera bag that doesn’t look like a camera bag, but in practice the bag absolutely sucks! What I should have done is bought this camera bag insert by Crumpler for the Blunderbus / Quarfie shoulder bag. After inserted it looks like it will leave just enough room to stuff a couple other essential items. It would work for other bags as well. What we need are semi rigid inserts designed for particular cameras that offer some real protection. That way I can through my camera in what ever bag I am using that day without fear of hearing some glass crunching sound. $30US.
Camera Bag Insert for the Blunderbus / Quarfie Shoulder Bag.

Blunderbus / Quarfie Shoulder Bag

Crumpler is one of these companies that likes to show it’s “attitude” through innovative naming of their products. All that is well and good until it comes time to track down a product to share with you – you see crumpler seems to like to change the names based on your region.
The Blunderbus or Quarfie shoulder bag is my current day bag of choice. It’s the perfect size to carry some of my daily essentials – sketch/notebook, gtd cards, bills due, keys, candy for the little one, phones and sometimes my Canon dslr (gasp!). It’s a well put together bag with a very smart bit of design – the inside color is very bright. Don’t discount this. There is nothing worse than having a small bag crowded with items set in black. It’s a visual nightmare. It really is an excellent bag. But it’s not all sunny in “Blunderbus or Quarfie” land. There are a couple points which overcast an otherwise great bag. First, I wonder why the need for such a large strap. Is it supposed to reinforce the impression of quality? I mention this because I find the strap incredibly annoying. It’s too long and is always getting twisted. And second, it has a rather oddball shape making for an inefficient use of space, just about every object you put in their is going to be square. It isn’t polite to end on a negative but those are a couple points you might consider. Give it a try before you buy. About $50.00US.
View on the Crumpler Australia site.