A4 Mouse Pad

A4 Mouse Pad
A4 Mouse Pad
I don’t often have the time to respond to submissions or PR email but I’m glad I have this morning. Hong Kong and Montreal based design studio Kitmen Keung has developed a silicone made mouse pad with inspiration from A4 paper. Not a revolutionary new product but an attractive fit for the minimalist desktop.

The 5mm thick, A4-size silicone piece brings together the convenience of a mouse pad and a resting place for tiny desktop accessories such as clips, coins and pencils in the form of an inwards sloping edge. This 4.3 cm wide corrugated secondary surface pulls round objects towards the carved slot much like a magnet. The top surface of the mouse pad is finished with a layer of oven-baked polyurethane coating with tiny micro grids on it, which results in a noiseless, low-friction but rough textured surface. Colors available are Charcoal Gray, Orange and Cambridge Blue.

A4 Mouse Pad

Wood Wale

Wood Wale
Wood Wale
I love objects like handmade objects like this that are whimsical and add a touch of warmth to what can be a drab environment. The wooden whale will hold all your desk accessories in one place, including your phone in it’s mouth. Made from reclaimed timber, hand-oiled and numbered; no two whales are alike.
Wood Wale

Furni’s Knox Intern Edition

knox clock
Montreal based design company Furni make short-run handmade furnishings with clean contemporary lines for people who appreciate reasonably priced original goods. The Knox Intern Edition was designed and built by their 2009 Summer interns Mark Fromow, Jonathan Pitoscia and Daniel Finkelstein. I love the rough edges — perfect for the lakeside getaway or my desk. There are only 22 units available.

New compact Apple keyboard

Apple has introduced a new compact USB keyboard with the same ‘no numeric keypad layout’ as the wireless version. What you don’t lose, unlike the wireless version, are USB ports. It’s pretty small so it might make a worthy addition to your gig bag. The two USB ports come in handy when you would like to hook up the occasional device and mouse.
Found at MacDailyNews. The keyboard doesn’t seem to be listed individually on Apple’s site yet.

EIZO ColorEdge CG301W Monitor

I visited my local Eizo reseller last week to purchase a back-up solution for my home office when I had a look at this beauty. I’m in need of some serious hardware upgrades this year and a replacement for my venerable Eizo 17″ lcd would be a consideration. This monitor is absolutely intimating both in size, performance and at $5600.00 in price. The ColorEdge CG301W is equipped with EIZO’s Digital Uniformity Equalizer function and comes with a shading hood. While professional color management would be one of the main reasons for choosing a monitor like this, I find one of the most interesting features of the CG301W is the ability to divide the screen into two equal halves of 1200 × 1600, and displaying input from two computers simultaneously. A great way to reduce clutter on your desktop and improve productivity. This monitor is way out of my price range so I would likely consider one of the lcd’s from the FlexScan series which share many of the features and performance but for dramatically less.
EIZO ColorEdge CG301W Monitor

Cable management: Cable Trap

Designed by Korean designers Ramel Keum and Jung-jin, Cord Trap is a cap that catches, organises and arranges multiple cables on the user’s desk. Using those holes in your standard office desk was always a source of annoyance for me. Unplugging my laptop always resulted in a mad scramble to grab the cords before they fell to the mess of a floor under my desk where it always seemed to ages to find. “Cord Trap has been designed to organise and arrange cables and cords neatly so that the user is able to connect and disconnect them to and from the computer 
and other appliances more efficiently.” Simple solution to an annoying problem. No word on when and where it might be purchased.

Read more

LaCie 1TB Hard Disk by Neil Poulton

Beautiful sleek enclosure which if it’s a concern will likely not match any other device in your office. It would take some effort to fill a 1TB drive.

The user-friendly LaCie Hard Drive, Design by Neil Poulton adds sophisticated style to your desktop yet its presence is quiet and unobtrusive. It has a unique distinguishing feature – a cool, blue LED strip on its underside that creates an ambient glow. Its subtle, all-black design blends perfectly into dark home entertainment setups and workstations. Very small for its vast capacity, this lightweight, compact drive has a fashionable, mirror-polished finish. The smartly engineered design allows for heat dissipation and near-silent, fanless operation.

LaCie – Hard Disk, Design by Neil Poulton

Beautiful Profile

Beautiful work from Apple on their new keyboards. The above is the side for the bluetooth version which is a more compact version of the usb version. I can’t quite understand why they chose make the bluetooth version with a different keyboard layout – you lose the number pad. It also lacks the usb ports found on the usb version. Both keyboards are crafted from anodized aluminum, and include dedicated keys for screen dimmer / brighter, expose, media controls, volume controls, and eject for optical drive.
Of course input devices succeed in more ways than just form and Apple is not renounced for the ergonomic design of it’s input devices (the hockey puck stunk). It will be interesting to see if the notebook style keys are as much of a pleasure to use as they are to look at.
More at Apple.

Belkin Flip: Monitor sharing

The Belkin Flip is a somewhat attractive and more elegant implementation of the ugly brown monitor switch boxes I see in all the diy shops in Taiwan. Though I hate the idea of adding more wires to my desktop this looks like an excellent way to manage both my server and my laptop from the same location. I do wonder if having to use a vga adaptor would be a comprise in terms of quality. From Pop Gadget:

It’s simple. Just place the remote anywhere on your desk and press to flip your monitor from one computer to another. You can also connect your old and new desktop computers, giving you instant access to files, programs, and games on both computers. Besides letting you share one monitor, keyboard, and mouse between computers, it also enables you to share one set of speakers, handy when the good ones are connected to the desktop.
Supports both PC and Mac notebook and desktop computers; features a 2-color LED that indicates which computer your Flip is accessing; comes with 2 cables to connect computers and is also available with a wireless remote.

Prices range from $49.00 US to $79.00 US. Via Pop Gadget.

Solid Beech Wood Clock

The little boy is fascinated with throwing the bedroom clock radio on the floor, to the point that now I believe it’s lifespan is measured in days instead of years. Just how much punishment can a $20 Sony clock radio take? Not as much as this solid beech wood clock I bet. Not that I advocate doing anything other than admire this beauty. “These simple and modern LED alarm clocks are made from solid beech wood with sleek rounded corners that accentuate the grain of the wood”. Made in Montreal. $120US.

Mendip Desk Matt


A desk matt that includes a container for pencil, paper clip, small papers, post-it, handy, … An intelligent and actual answer for the organization of a movable and flexible work position. A personal „island“ for writing, designing, laying the handy so that everything result in convenient reach. Realized in polyurethane, Mendip is at disposal in different colors.

This great semi-portable work surface from designer Theo Williams keeps all the essentials handy and within reach. I wonder if the materials would help with cooling.

Psile Silent Media Center PC

I don’t often have much interest in non mobile hardware but this is too beautiful not to share. It’s not often you see a case with such beautiful form and attention to detail. It might even trump Apple, especially if you could manage some peripherals to match. Like Apple it’s not just about it’s out tward looks, on the inside the Psile Silent Media Center PC is equipped with a patented construction made of aluminum that acts as an heatsink for the hard disk drive and other components. The case is made from solid 4mm aluminum. The psile case is based on a mini-itx motherboard formfactor which are available from a range of manufactures and with a variety of CPU types including the Intel Core 2 Duo. Definitely worth considering.
More info. on their site.