Diary of a Weaving Story

Diary of a Weaving Story
I seldom see an artist with such a personal connection to her art. Showing at the ARDEL Gallery of Modern Art, Diary of a Weaving Story by Imhathai Suwatthanasilp details the love and connection in her family. From the artist:

“Diary of a Weaving Story” is the latest solo exhibition by Imhathai Suwatthanasilp a young female artist from Silpakorn University whose artworks have been awarded in many art competitions. She also has been granted several scholarships from international art institutes. Imhathai’s works of art originate from the love and connection in her family. To stress this idea the artist uses her own hair, which have been collected after her father had cut his hair and given it to his 4 daughters, as a key medium that reflects love and union between family members. Having been the representative of the whole family as the symbol of the family’s blood and soul, the hair that were weaved together also serves as a diary that keeps reminding her of the memorable experiences and the relationship that have been transferred from generation to generation.

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Dreaming Alien – Alain Soldeville

Dreaming Alien - Alain Soldeville
Opening on February 6th at the Kathmandu Photo Gallery in Silom Bangkok, is a photo exhibition by Alain Soldeville entitled Dreaming Alien. From the artists statement:

The aim of my project is to show the Thai capital as a metaphor for cultures in transition. These cultures are caught between tradition – Buddhism and monarchy – and the eruption of globalized modernity. There are many obvious signs of the consumerist evolution of the capital: the anarchic urbanisation, the proliferation of visual advertising in the urban landscape, the mushrooming of gigantic multipurpose commercial centres… My work is about the mutations resulting from this recent evolution. It also explores the spaces that have been left empty by the urban development.

Alain Soldeville is a photojournalist based in Paris with commercial work appearing in Men’s Vogue, the New York Times, Stern, Newsweek, Marie-claire and National Geographic amongst others.
Dreaming Alien is showing from February 6th-March 28th at the Kathmandu Photo Gallery, 87 Pan road (near Indian Temple), Silom, Bangkok.

Hanging Out in the Museum

Cai Guo Qiang
It’s not too late to view Cai Guo Qiang’s retrospective exhibition “Hanging Out in the Museum” currently showing at the Taipei Fine Arts museum.
Hanging out in the Museum brings an impressive 35 pieces of work drawn from internationally renowned museums and private collections, and includes the specially created new works Day and Night, Toroko Gorge and Strait. Large-scale installations, gunpowder drawings, as well as video documentation of his explosion projects are represented.
Cai Guo-Qiang is known for his gunpowder-based works and large-scale installations.
From the release:

As a contemporary artist, Cai Guo-Qiang not only dreams audaciously, he is effective doer in realizing his artistic vision. His explosive energy does not stem from gunpowder, but from an unrestrained flow of creative energy, an ability to create social dialogue, and a dogmatic romanticism. This exhibition highlights the artist’s background and development, his creative process, and his insistence on and methods of making art more accessible to the general public. To fully embrace the theme of “Hanging Out in the Museum” and to create opportunities where the public can interact with art, a series of activities and programs, such as the public viewing and volunteer training for the creation of several gunpowder drawings in the exhibition, and related education programs have been initiated. The exhibition also seeks to examine Cai Guo-Qiang’s creations and the zeitgeist in his art, through contemplating the practice of contemporary art, critiquing socio- and geopolitics, and reflecting on Eastern aesthetics and philosophy.

Showing until February 21st, 2010
Taipei Fine Arts Museum
181, ZhongShan N. Road, Sec. 3
Taipei 104, Taiwan

Uniform/Uniformity, A peep at Thailand’s back parlor

back parlour
Appearing at the Tang Contemporary Art in Bangkok from January 14-February 14 Tawan Wattuya presents his Uniform/Uniformity, A peep at Thailand’s back parlor in solo exhibition.
In the exhibition “Uniform/Uniformity” Tawan questions the appearances of Thai social groups. He focuses on pictures from magazines in which gathered people appear, posing in rows. Families posing for a wedding ceremony, politicians, Miss Thailand contestants, students, all groups evoking the social order. He ironically strips some of the models as to make them appear as a group of massage parlor prostitutes. He points out the importance of appearances in the Thai society, the significance of the social status shown by the uniform one is wearing. This will be the starting point on this new search of Thailand’s hidden face, once again related to Thailand’s social identity.
Since first appearing on the Thai contemporary art scene in 1989, Tawan Wattuya has continuously excelled at translating his provocative social visions into forceful artworks. He uses art as a weapon to break through the conventional image of the society he lives in. His distorted portraits emerge from cut outs of everyday magazines, newspapers, television shows and web sites. Mass communication is for him a playground where the darkest sides of his own culture can be exposed. As Marc Lathuillere puts it: “Every image is a double. The product of a mirror reproduced at high speed by the media. A proliferation that Tawan fully integrated in his previous project, shown in 2005: the head of then Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra painted 500 times, divided into 500 different faces exposed in one single room”
January 14-February 14, 2010
Tang Contemporary Art – Bangkok
B-28, Silom Galleria Plaza, 919/1,
Silom 19 Road, Bangkok, 10500, Thailand
While in Silom you might read LookatLao’s excellent A Day in Bangkok: Silom for some guidance as to what to do after you visit the gallery.

Design Film Festival 2010 in Singapore

design film festival
Starting tomorrow at the Sinema, Old School in Singapore, Anonymous is presenting A Design Film Festival 2010; the first film festival in Asia dedicated solely to design. The festival features a wide selection of films on architecture, graphic design, art, motion graphics, photography and guerrilla culture. In addition, A Design Film Festival has established a special partnership with onedotzero, whereby their three films, Extended Play 09, Craftwork and J-Star 09 will be shown. This will be onedotzero’s only screening in Southeast Asia.

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2009 Asian Art Biennial

2009 Asian Art Biennial
The 2009 Asian Art Biennial entitled, Viewpoints & Viewing Points, features 56 artists, filmmakers and production teams from 20 Asian-Pacific countries who present a total of 144 works including painting, installation art, sculpture, digital arts, animation and documentary. All the works featured in the 2009 Asian Art Biennial demonstrate the artists’ unique perspectives in their observations of contemporary culture and society.
Viewpoints & Viewing Points explores how a multiplicity of perspectives have come to inform our contemporary reality, and how such reality, characterized by high degrees of equivocality, has in turn enriched the cultural perspectives of Asia.
Showing now until February 28, 2010 at the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung.
National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts
2, Sec. 1, Wu Chuan W. Road
Taichung 403, Taiwan

Living Room

living room sound art
Living Room is a visual and sound installation by Jiradej and Prinda Setabundhu Anothai Nitibhon Kata Sangkae, curated by Thanavi Chotpradit on exhibition at 100 Tonson Gallery from January 21-February 28 2010.
These questions around the existence of the space are the questions of representation and perception. It is all about the “in-between” absence and presence. If art makes the invisible visible and music makes the non-audible audible, the colourless-mute space, the air, may come into being by the help of these medium. Inspired by Alvin Lucier’s ‘I’m sitting in a room,’ Jiradej and Prinda Setabundhu (composer, visual artist), Anothai Nitibhon (composer), and Kata Sangkae (visual artist) work together in ‘Living Room,’ a collaborative project that aims to make existence of space perceivable.
Jiradej and Anothai will compose a new sound while Prinda and Kata will present sculptural and installation works.
100 Tonson Gallery
100 Soi Tonson
Ploenchit Road, Pathumwan
Bangkok 10330, Thailand

Tueng Prik tueng king

Tueng Prik tueng king

“Tueng Prik tueng king” is what the Thais might say as they stroll down the corridors of the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC). “Thai Folk Wisdom” brings to life fifty proverbs and sayings from Thailand with great creative flair. Each proverb is interpreted with an abundance of vibrant pizzazz reflecting modern Thai culture. Under the direction of Tulaya Pornpiriyakulchai, sensational visuals have been provided by some of Thailand’s leading contemporary artists from Jakkai Siributr, Manit Sriwanichpoom, ML. Chiratorn Chirapravati to Pinaree Sanpitak. S.E.A. Write award winner, Jane Vejjajiva’s commentaries on the proverbs is accompanied by the delightful tale of a girl, Lum Nam, and her aunt and uncle. Her trials and tribulations in modern Bangkok links ancient Thai Folk Wisdom with the vibrant modern city.

December 3rd, 2009-January 17th, 2010
Bangkok Art and Culture Centre
More images available at ARTgazine.

FOR: Wall Painting Showcase

FOR: Wall Painting Showcase

Art that is fresh and uninhibited communicating with viewers spontaneously is the spirit of “FOR”, wall painting showcase exhibition. Ten artists, a collective of street artists and like-minded deliver new works of art bypassing formal thoughts and system. With the freedom of expression which is the true essence of street art, representing subculture with strong insubordinate sense. These artworks captivate and reach its highest spirit when delivered without any censorship or authority. The aim of the exhibition is for the artists to communicate freely to the viewers through artwork that is honest to its feeling and pure in its expression, thus opens up for unlimited interpretations for any viewers.

Last week I had a great opportunity to watch the artists as they set-up the exhibition space and started putting paint to walls for this experimental exhibition. It was great to gain some insight to the artists process and watch as their art unfolded. Remembering at the last minute that I had a camera I took a few pictures.

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M.L. Mingmongkol Sonakul Fuzzy June
Photocubism, an exhibition by the critically acclaimed independent filmmaker M.L. Mingmongkol Sonakul, will be appearing at the La Lanta gallery on Sukhumvit Soi 31 in Bangkok from Nov. 1, 2009-Jan. 17, 2010.
The digital photography exhibition records the artist’s experiences with places she has visited, their surroundings, and her interactions with them at that particular moment. With her disjointed jigsaw narratives, the gallery describes her approach as parallel to that of the great 20th century Cubist artists.
Proceeds from this exhibition will go to support the project undertaken by Friend of Women Foundation to provide relief for abused and ill-treated women.
If you are unable to attend there are selected works available for viewing in an online exhibition.
La Lanta Fine Art
245/14 Sukhumvit soi 31
Klongtan Nua, Wattana,
BTS: Phrom Phong
+66 (0)2 204 0583

Deep Desire

Pachcharapong Meesilp painting
Pachcharapong Meesilp, an emerging, award-winning artist from Silpakorn University brings to you the alluring savors that are claimed to be similar to sexual joy, the joy in which sends shiver and luscious pleasure to those who have tasted it. But at the same time, if a person is unable to control his/her need and becomes too obsessed with these pleasant flavors, they will bring forth lustful desire and greed that could turn things upside down, from satisfaction to suffering. The artist explains his idea through juicy oil paintings where the figure is wet with gooey syrupy substance which plays an important part in viewers’ interpretation.
Pachcharapong Meesilp’s work will be on display at the DOB Hualamphong Gallery in Bangkok from December 8, 2009 – January 15, 2010.
DOB Building 4F,
318 rama4 Road, Mahapreutharam, Bangrak, Bangkok
+66 (0)22375592
For those who can’t make it in person, more examples of this provocative work follow.

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Prodigal Daughters

Hong Kong ARt Exhibition
Tis The Final Conflict #2 – Hung Liu
10 Chancery Lane Gallery is presenting the works of Chinese-American artist Hung Liu in an exhibition entitled, Prodigal Daughters. Taking her inspiration from the 1949 film, Daughters of China, Liu reinterprets scenes from the black and white film in vivid color. With intense thickly applied brush strokes, Liu paints ruddy earthen portraits with splashes of bright colors, these eight heroic women who chose to die rather than being captured by the Japanese. In this series, Liu addresses and revisits the intensity and innocence of communist ideology and her development as a person and artist as a result of it. The series of large works will be shown in Hong Kong for the first time [source].
2009/11/20 – 2010/01/24
10 Chancery Lane Gallery
G/F, 10 Chancery Lane SoHo, Central, Hong Kong
+852 2810-0065
Every week I share some of the highlights of cultural events from the parts of Asia I know best. As most of my readership is based in the US, I do this partly out of my own interest, and partly as it’s interesting to catch a glimpse of what is happening in a city different from your own. This is one of the benefits of leading a mobile lifestyle, being a digital nomad, traveller or whatever label you choose — you get to experience great events from many different cultural perspectives. Hoards of people are blogging about the art scene in New York but who, in English, covers or even mentions the events in Bangkok?

Sony World Photography Awards – Bangkok

world photography awards
©Giulio Distrurco courtesy of Sony World Photography Awards 2009
I’m disappointed that I am going to miss this one.

The Sony World Photography Awards Global Tour showcases the very best of professional and amateur photographs from across the world.
Brought together by leading curator Zelda Cheatle, the exhibition is unique in the variety and depth of the photographic genres that it displays, from fashion to photojournalism, from natural history to architecture.
These photographs were taken by the winners and finalists of the 2009 Sony World Photography Awards have been selected by the Honorary Judging Committee, which comprises of leading figures from the international photographic community. The winning images were chosen from over 70,000 images submitted from 139 countries.

Ardel Gallery of Modern Art, Bangkok
November 26th – December 12th, 2009.
Sony World Photography Awards

Night Light Graffiti

Co-organized by Videotage and Lomography Society Asia, the closing event of ‘October Contemporary 2009 – Now or Never’, Night Light Graffiti had artists Chilai Howard, Graphicairlines, XEX GRP introduce the audience to the fun of creating art with light. The results of that October 31st event are now on exhibition at the Lomographic Society Asia in Hong Kong until November 21st. I’ll be in Hong Kong mid-month and I, Lomo in hand, am going to try to drop in and have a look.
Light graffiti is a creative way of making DIY moving images using light motion.
Date: 3-21 November 2009
Venue: Lomographic Society Asia (G/F, No. 2, Po Yan Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong)
Opening Hour: Mon-Sat 11:00-19:00
More info. at Videotage and the Lomographic Society Asia.

Twist and Shout

japan art exhibition
The Bangkok Art and Culture Centre is hosting “Twist and Shout”, an exhibition of art by Japanese contemporary artists.

In this exhibition, the ambiguous nature of the Japanese youth culture is interpreted as a consequence of young people’s need to “twist” and “shout.” The 17 exhibiting artists present paintings, sculptures, videos, photographs, and installations that incorporate popular and familiar images and expressions, on the one hand, but intently confront the actual and urgent issues in Japanese society, on the other.

Curators Kenji Kubota and Yoko Nose have assembled the show as part of Mekong-Japan Exchange Year 2009. The exhibition can be viewed until the end of this year
at the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, 939 Rama I Road, BTS: National Stadium. The BACC is open daily, 10am – 9pm, Mondays closed. The entry is free. For more information you’ll need to call + 66 (0) 2260 8560.
Japan Foundation and BACC.