Kuvert travel bags

These stand in contrast to the usual practice of dumping a ton of storage on the exterior of a bag. These bags from Kuvert look far more sleek an they fold flat too.

The world in a bag. Sporty, casual and simple, the new KUVERT travel bags are the perfect companion for shopping, sports, weekends, parenting and travel. The unique look is the result of a ground-breaking use of custom-coated polyester fabric: each bag is cut out of a single piece, folded and welded along the edges. This allows the bags to fold flat for storage, yet the engineered expansion is inrivalled in spaciousness. The zippers run in both directions all the way to the base for easy packing and unpacking, and the carrying strap is removable. Kuvert bags are sturdy, water-proof and lightweight – sure to stand by you during your most exciting adventures.

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Mandarina Duck File Trolley

I wish I had the budget to convert all my travel luggage to Mandarina Duck. I love the value of Tom Bihn but these bags look fantastic. The full grain leather trim on this slim garment bag is a nice touch. $385.00US.

Caribee Summit Garment Bag

For those who don’t have the luxury or inclination for t-shirt and jeans travel. Though looking bland and similar to many this lightweight garment bag at $120.00US is reasonably priced for those with a budget. The internal hardware looks great.

The Summit garment bag has capacity for 2 to 3 business suits with room for additional shirts. The main internal compartment can be sealed for security and protection. Caribee is one of Australia’s most well known and leading outdoor brands.

Find it at Rushfaster.

Legacy Nylon Suit Bag

This small stamp sized photo doesn’t do justice to this beautifully styled suit bag from Coach. Sometimes even the mega-sized companies can produce something great. Made from weather-resistant nylon with leather trim the legacy nylon suit bag features an inside hanger hook, two shoe pockets, an outside open pocket, and a long zip enclosure. If I didn’t have two suit bags already I might just buy one for myself.
Was available for $398US from Coach.

Andiamo Valoroso Wheeled Large Wardrobe

This large garment bag is perfect for extended travel where you find yourself in need of 6 – 8 suits and loads of space for loads of other formal wear. If I actually owned 6-8 suits and needed them on vacation then I’m sure this would be the bag for me. As it is it’s more than a bit of overkill for a t-shirt and jeans guy like myself. At this price you expect a high level of quality and Andiamo certainly seems to deliver. Among it’s many features are a wrinkle less packing system with mesh wings, folding bar to hold clothing in place, and quiet rolling wheels. You can purchase the Andiamo Valoroso for $895.00US through Amazon.

Mulholland Brothers Simple Garment Bag

I’ve been pondering garment bags allot lately. It’s the travel bug which is biting me again or wanderlust. But I’m not ready to get on the trail again so sticking close to the city centers is what I am looking for. And a trip to a major city might just entail some wearing of clothes that just don’t belong in my dirty old duffle. This Mulholland Brothers garment bag is beautiful in it’s simlicity. Mulholland Brothers designs are made just one at a time, entirely by the hands of their trained artisans in San Francisco. They combine time-tested construction methods with the finest available materials: Rich leathers, solid brass fittings, polished zippers and the highest quality threads. Beautiful work for $500US.
Go to the Mulholland Brothers site or check it out at eBags.com.

JanSport Modus Trifold Garment Carrier

This compact garment bag holds hanging garments and more for 2-3 day trips. I haven’t seen one of these but when you think about it it’s a pretty simple concept. Most garment bags fold once, this Jansport folds twice to reduce size. The best ideas are always the most simple. You might want to pack wrinkle free clothing though as this may also be twice as likely to cause wrinkles. Other essential features include oversized mesh shoe pockets, back slip to allow affixing to a roll-on, and a number of internal sleeves for shirts etc.. A cool and attractive bag. There may be limited quantities as I see it has disappeared from the Jansport catalogue. Currently about $110US.
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