Republic Bike Aristotle

Republic Bike assembles custom bicycles based on shared design. You decide the components and color from a ‘curated’ selection, and they’ll built and ship it to you. The resulting bike is bold and beautiful while keeping it simple and clean. It’s surprisingly inexpensive too.
The Aristotle pictured above is their singlespeed bicycle with a fixed/free hub. The hub allows you to manually switch your ride from fixed to free depending on what you fee during or before your ride.

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FilzFelt Key Fob & Felt

felt fob
Fizfelt’s key fob features rounded corners and a nickel grommet and key ring.
Filzfelt has a great write up on felt:

Wool felt is an ecological, sustainable, and renewable material and due to its high quality has an innate durability and timelessness. FilzFelt sells 100% wool felt imported from Germany and aims to promote high quality design and permanence in its materials and products. Go sheep!
Even though the methods to produce wool felt have been refined over the centuries, the manufacturing principle and the basic raw material have remained unchanged. Sheep’s wool is cleaned, carded, and the fibers aligned into batts. It is then compacted and joined by moisture, heat, and agitation until a homogeneous fabric is formed – wool felt. The material is naturally moisture resistant, self-extinguishing, available in lightfast and saliva-resistant colors, and provides thermal and acoustic insulation.

If you have ambitions to create your own felt products filzfelt has you covered.
Key fob available at Fizfelt or Supermarket. Via swissmiss.

Glo Luggage Tags

Design Go’s luggage tags help you quickly identify your luggage as they come down the carousel. Replete with space for your ID. I’ve seen the Design Go display at many airports but Wejetset also carries them if you are looking to purchase prior to departure.
Design Go – Glo Bag Tags

Lifeline Survival Kit

This survival kit might help give you the peace of mind you need if things go wrong. It’s compact, light, and contains waterproof matches, aluminum foil, an 80″ x 50″ emergency blanket, 50 ft. of fishing line with four hooks and sinker weights, a surgical blade, five wound closure strips, a map compass, emergency whistle, three feet of duct tape, and a reusable zipper-lock bag. Luckily this kit contains instructions because it’s been a long time since boy scouts. A worthy addition to your go-bag.

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Pitotubes travel bottles

Since the American TSA cracked down on liquids on airplanes, and other airports followed suit, people have been hoarding small plastic bottles in which to carry shampoo, gel, and such. Unlike in the US or Canada, retailers here don’t often offer travel sizes so I often resort to keeping our kids flu medicine bottles. Of course these bottles aren’t designed to carry liquids at altitude and often you get a sticky mess inside the clear plastic bag you are often required to carry them in. Plastic bottles I have purchased specifically for this purpose have worn out in a few uses. Luckily, I have found a solution which should appeal to those looking for a long lasting more upscale solution.
Pitotubes, launched by Alisa Driscoll, a former flight attendant, are clear, refillable bottles made from the highest quality PETG (hard) recyclable plastic. They are small enough to meet the carry-on limit but are also durable enough to be placed in checked baggage without concern for leakage. No more leaky mess and no more confiscated tubes.
Pitotubes travel bottles can be purchased individually or as part of a set at the Pitotubes website.

LaCie DataShare

The LaCie DataShare allows you to easily recycle your old SD and MicroSD cards and turn them into USB Flash Keys. I’ve used an uglier version made by a local OEM for years and it makes great use of all the data cards I have lying around. LaCie adds an additional, and mostly conceptual, differentiation between public and private data by dividing the reader in two and adding the label public and private. It looks great but it would have been nice if they had taken the concept further by allowing two public keys to mate with each other – one copying files to the other and vice versa. Otherwise a practical tool.
LaCie – LaCie DataShare

Jet Lag Alarm Clock

Great looking device and wonderful interface but I wonder in an age when everyone carries a mobile phone, with alarm, who would want to carry another device in their luggage?

Designed by Sam Hecht and his co-patriots at industrial facility in the UK, the jet lag alarm clock is a re-interpretation of the good old travel alarm clock. A transcontinental project, the jet lag is produced by IDEA international in Japan. The overall idea was to produce a travel alarm clock where an instruction booklet would be unnecessary. The clock features a lock button to prevent settings from changing in flight, display illumination, and a novel combined alarm/snooze/speaker button- so you can direct your swat to where the sound emanates.

Jet Lag Alarm Clock By Sam Hecht

Salter Luggage Scale

Salter’s convenient luggage scale is small and light enough to fit into your suitcase, saving yourself from any nasty excess baggage charges to and from your destination. Featureing a simple handle grip, sturdy strap, and the ability to measure up to 40kg, this scale should be able to weigh most suitcases. Anything heavier should be in a wooden box. Of course the best solution is one bag travel but many of us can’t resist loading up on holiday trinkets.
Salter Luggage Scale

In my bag

I’m always a bit curious about the tools people use to work, where they work, and what they carry to work. Judging by the popularity of these types of groups on flickr other people are too. It’s somewhat more common to spill the contents for all to see but I wanted to take this photo quickly to avoid strange looks from my colleagues.
Here is what I was carrying to the job site yesterday (I split time between home office, the road, and company):

  • Tom Bihn ID messenger and horizontal braincell
  • Aged Powerbook 12″ with cords and cables
  • 50 sheets of A4 for paper prototyping and idea communication
  • Leather bound notebook for meetings and general notes
  • Fiber bound notebook which I use for language training
  • Tiny moleskin notebook I am trying for capturing ideas
  • Muji business card holder
  • Uniball eye waterproof markers
  • Mitsubishi 4h pencils
  • This Is Your Brain on Music

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Scan Disk card readers

SanDisk’s new card readers feature a glossy black and metallic silver design. Each reader’s tripod base is detachable, creating instant portability.

The new SanDisk ImageMate readers are two of the fastest and most reliable USB readers, capable of transferring 1-gigabyte of data in less than 35 seconds, the ImageMate readers’ space-saving vertical design makes them unobtrusive on your desk, but with such stylish looks they can’t help but stand out.

I was looking on Monday for a card reader and none had the industrial design that these do. Even the ones from Sony were lacking. While not the most exciting purchase you will make this year, these card readers from SanDisk, might be the most beautiful devices you will buy at this price point.
ScanDisk ImageMate memory card readers. Via IDAsia.

SanDisk Ultra Back-Up Flash Drive

Looks like an ideal mobile back-up device.

With no cables required, or any complicated software to install, the new SanDisk Ultra Backup USB flash drive is a complete backup solution that provides an incredibly easy way to protect digital files. It uses patent-pending backup technology with capacities up to 64GB, large enough to back up average consumer requirements, as well as critical small business files and documents. In addition to one’s digital personal life, these products protect critical work files with a dual layer of both password protection and AES hardware encryption.
The entire new SanDisk USB family introduces an iconic new design language developed by global innovation firm frog design.

More info. here and here. Via IDAsia.

Nightmare pillow

A gift for those with fond memories of the DOS command line. The Dosugus pillow is available from Artlebedev.

Takaratomy Xiao Instant Digital Camera

This looks like some serious fun. I always loved the immediacy of a polaroid but could never get used to carrying around something so bulky. The Xiao features a 5 megapixel digital camera with a high resolution screen for preview, and a built-in printer for less than a minute of color printing. Like many mobile phones, it adds to the fun by allowing you to choose various templates, borders, and effects when printing.
More here and here. Via Uncrate.

Blackbird Camera

I have a thing for old vintage cameras but lack the funds and skill to own one. The Blackbird looks like it might be a worthy addition to my all too unused collection of cameras. Designed by Japanese firm Superheadz, the twin-reflex 35mm camera comes in three colors – the orange would be fun.
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