The world’s safest earphones

Audiologist Matt Murphy designed EarHero, a special pair of earphones designed to let you hear both your music and the sound of street traffic, as a means to elevate the dangers of wearing headphones whilst traversing city streets. A far safer alternative than other in ear options.

EarHeros leave your ear canal open allowing you to continue to hear your surroundings while still listening to music. Hear people speak, hear cars, hear potential dangers. Whether you are hitting the slopes, out for a long ride or going for a run earHerosport just made your active lifestyle more safe.

Tanto by Urbanears

Tanto by Urbanears
Tanto by Urbanears
Mobile audio fashion. Tanto, designed by Scandinavian collective Urbanears, is designed for maximum mobility without the compromise of performance. Designed for everyday use, it’s their tribute to the ’80’s revolution in mobile music but updated with the latest technology.
The headphones come with two extra cable extensions, made from fabric instead of plastic, with an affixed microphone and remote, and are compatible with most mobile devices such as Nokia, Blackberry, HTC and the iPhone. The Tanto is available in 14 different colors.
Urbanears also produces in this series the Plattan and Medis models.

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Apple Inc.’s Bluetooth Headset

I’m sure we will learn more about this Apple bluetooth headset in the near future – perhaps with some better photos – but I’m happy to see that someone is taking a minimalist approach to one of the geekiest looking extensions to your mobile ‘phone’. I still haven’t gotten used to the fact that it seems like you are talking to yourself but at least this won’t make you look as silly as you sound.
via Engadget.

Grado SR 225 Headphones

When I am working on a schedule and feeling a bit sleepy there is nothing like a strong dose of coffee and loud music to keep me going. Headphones being my output of choice I have come to love the sound of my pair of Grado SR 225 which are amongst the best-sounding open-backed headphones available at their price. They are perfect for punchy loud music and possess a bass response which sounds very “tight”. The SR225 really needs to be used with an amp – an iPod just won’t be able to power the headphones effectively. A headphone amp will give the sound added detail, punch and authority. Some people don’t find the headphones very comfortable and I have read some reviews stating how unattractive they seem. I think with a little adjustment they feel fine for extended periods and the no nonsense looks are part of their charm. Not everything has to have the usual “star trek” high tech. look. You should note that these are open-backed headphones and as such any loud playing of music will be shared with those near to you. They might not share your same taste in music. $195.00US.
Grado SR 225

HeadRoom Total BitHead Headphone Amp.

Great speakers need great power amplification – even if the speakers are tiny and strapped to your head. The HeadRoom Total BitHead is only slightly larger than a deck of cards but adding this portable amplifier to your mobile music greatly enhances your listening experience. You get a greater sense of dynamics, richer sounding textures, and importantly more clarity. You won’t hear distortion like you would from a portable players amp. An important consideration is the added value of being able to drive a variety of different headphones – not just the in ear type but rich sounding Grados and Beyerdynamics. But even you want to keep your set-up extremely portable all headphone types will benefit from the addition of the BitHead. I featured this as part of a package before but it is so great I have to mention it again. It’s very cool to be on the road, sitting in a café, or flying in coach and still be able to enjoy high fidelity music. Powered by batteries or via usb. $269.00US.
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Griffin SmartShare Audio Splitter

Here is a cool little piece accessory to include in your gear bag. Griffin announced their SmartShare, a headphone/audio splitter designed for the iPod and other portable devices with a 3.5mm headphone jack. It’s not unlike the splitters available for pennies at stores like Radio Shack except that it features individual volume controls. Now you can share your music while not having to worry about having the volume too loud. That feature and iPod matching style will cost you about $19.99 when it starts shipping in February.
Pre-order on the Smart Share product page.

Etymotic ER-4S Sealed Headphone

With the popularity of the iPod and our ever increasingly noisy urban environments, the chances of suffering from hearing loss seem greater then ever. I know from personal experience as I suffer with a permanent mild ringing in my ears from years of being a working musician. Now that I live in one of the noisiest places on earth where noise pollution seems to be worshiped I seldom have the opportunity to listen to music unless in one of those rare quiet spots for fear of going deaf. The Etymotic ER-4S sealed headphones (inear) are a great solution offering 23db of isolation.
The Etymotic ER-4S provide excellent sound quality while being small enough for traveling ease. The chances of hearing damage are actually lessened with the Etys because of their amazing isolation—you don’t need to turn them up as loud to overcome ambient noise. They come with two types of earpieces: black foam tips and white flanged rubber tips. The ER-4S also include a shirt clip that serves dual functions: to keep tension from the cord off the ears, and to deaden microphonic sound (sound made by contact with the cable). The Etys are terminated to a mini with a 5-ft. cord, and come in a nice, plastic maintenance case that contains the following: 3 pairs of white flanged rubber tips; 5 pairs of black foam tips; 2 green filters; a changing tool; a shirt clip; a carrying pouch; and a 1/4 inch adapter.
Check out the Etymotic site or try buying them at the Ear Plug Guy.