The difficulties in choosing a Mac

Lately Apple seems to make the process of choosing which Mac to purchase more and more difficult. They have this nasty habit of leaving out 1 essential feature in lower priced laptops in order to ‘encourage’ pros. to buy the more expensive model. Boo hoo.
Today was no different with the revamped MacBook and MacBook Pro lineup.
First it was the lack of a dedicated graphics card in the MacBook. Now that they have fixed that issue (in spades), they cripple an otherwise fine production machine by leaving out a firewire port. I’ll do some real world tests to ensure my assumption is correct but I can’t see using usb 2.0 for large file transfers or for reading large files from disc.
This was the month I was going to upgrade my studio equipment. It’s been 3 years since I purchased my venerable 12″ Powerbook and it’s starting to show it’s age. Replacing my Powerbook and Eizo monitor with a MacBook Pro and similar quality but larger display is not something I can budget this year.
With each successive MacBook crippled in some way, this might be the first time in 10 years that my main studio machine is a desktop. It looks like I see an iMac in my future (still a win for Apple).

The iMac’s Refreshed Design

The refreshed iMac. I love how Apple develops a design language through-out it’s product line. As they iterate, one product influences the other creating continuity and familiarity with all their products. The new iMac is clearly influenced by the iPhone just as the old was by the iPod. Not just in their hardware but in their software too. No other company is able to create what is great design like this, Sony tries but doesn’t in the end come close.
There is always at least one caveat. One aspect I would look at closely before purchase is the LCD. I’m not a fan of glossy screens and after realizing that the MacBook we purchased for my mother wasn’t able to display the complete colour spectrum I would spend far more time ensuring that the display was up to expectations (the lack of colour as compared to my Powerbook was not a unit specific flaw).
Apple’s product page.