The primary problem Apple faced with the iPhone in 2007 was building familiarity with a new way of using computers. That problem has now been solved. It is time to solve new problems. The training wheels can now come off. That’s what I think Apple’s going to do tomorrow.
John Gruber

I think the problem has been solved for some but not for all. That said, for the first time in a long time I am also looking forward to what Apple announces.

7 Top Apps For The iPhone Artist

Access a treasure trove of paints, textures and materials on the very device you use to text and call. With a mere tap of a button, you can transform your iPhone into a sketch-book, an easel or a workbench. No mess, no hassle, just beautiful, exquisite and easily-sharable art.

Here are some of the most ingenious and creative applications around, guaranteed to make any artist happy.

Inspire, Paint And Draw

Want to create gorgeous paintings on the go? Inspire simulates the medium of oil paints with three different types of brushes as well as allowing artists the options to sketch and draw. The application has been praised for its realistic brush strokes and blending of paints making Inspire a successful painting simulator.

Inspire is as competent as producing simple paintings as well as more detailed works. Unlike other applications, Inspire allows you the freedom to paint with any colour you want and even allows you to mix colours on the screen. Another perk:  it’s free.

Colour away with…

Coloured Pencils

No sketchpad? No problem. Colour to your heart’s content with this neat application. With an array of blending and shading techniques, you can easily create impressive art to upload directly to your favourite social media site. The app also includes a zoom option so you can get right to the heart of your artwork.

Pottery mad? Download…

Let’s Create! Pottery HD Lite

Cited as a relaxing and therapeutic way to release creativity, Let’s Create! Pottery is a unique application for budding and experienced potters everywhere. Practise the art of pottery on a virtual wheel and decorate your masterpieces. Once completed, any pottery you make can be sold in virtual auctions to earn more decorative colours and patterns. One-of-a-kind pottery: one-of-a-kind app.

Lacking colour inspiration? Try…


Free and simple yet effective, ColorSchemer allows you to browse through palettes and palettes of colour inspiration. Can’t find just the right shade of pink? No fear. ColorSchemer allows you to comb through suggestions until you find your complementary shade. It has many cool features including the option to create a colour palette from the photos on your phone. ColorSchemer really is a visual feast for the eyes.

Transform photos into paintings with…


Cool photo effects don’t get cooler than this. Upload a photo, choose from any of the four painting styles and watch as the art unfolds. Paintings are completed in a mere two minutes and simulate real artist techniques. As if a real painter is on the other side of the screen, painting the same photo twice will reap different results.

Crazy for charcoal? Download…


Like charcoals? Don’t like mess and smudging? Get downloading ASKetch to create stunning sketches and eliminate both mess and smudging. Awesome! Aimed at the beginner artist, ASKetch allows you to use charcoals without fussing over palettes and complicated tools and will satisfy the more experienced artist too.

Trace away with…

Tracing Paper

Finally, tracing paper that you can use over and over again! With this app, you can trace anything from your photo library and use various pencils, colours and shades to trace the photo. How great is that?

Fun and practical, these applications will definitely put a smile upon your face as they allow you to save money without sacrificing  your artistic creativity. You don’t even have to be an artist to enjoy these applications. Draw, paint, create where and whenever you want.

Jennifer Leung classes herself as an arty and creative person. Away from work, she spends her spare time blogging for Art Gallery, doing some creative writing and painting forests. She also likes to create art on the computer.

Overall, Apple has simply done an amazing job at entrenching themselves in the minds and hearts of teenagers. Despite the results of any studies or articles saying otherwise, I can easily assert that the demand for iPhones from the teenage audience is in no way waning. In fact, more teens seem to want iPhones than ever before.
On Teens and iPhones

New Accessory Turns an iPhone into a Satellite Phone

Mobile satellite operator, Thuraya has developed a “SatSleve” that converts an Apple iPhone into a handheld satellite phone. From Cellular News:

Only slightly larger than the iPhone itself, the adaptor provides users with the ability to turn their iPhone into a satellite phone that allows them to have connectivity beyond the coverage of traditional terrestrial networks.

Volta Sound Block for iPhone

The Volta Sound Block is a passive sound amplifier for your iPhone. Passive amplification means no electronics, no chargers, no blue-tooth gadgetry to mess around with. Just a solid block of Northwest Alder from our backyard here in Oregon, and a Bison horn, allowing us to draw the maximum volume from your iPhone speaker.

The Volta Sound Block is a passive sound amplifier for your iPhone. Passive amplification means no electronics, no chargers, no blue-tooth gadgetry to mess around with. Just a solid block of Northwest Alder from our backyard here in Oregon, and a Bison horn, allowing us to draw the maximum volume from your iPhone speaker. Via.

Book Charging Dock for iPhone and iPod

Book Charging Dock for iPhone and iPod
Book Charging Dock for iPhone and iPod
Book Charging Dock for iPhone and iPod
There are others in this collection which I like more but this is for my son who still has a fascination with dinosaurs and is convinced he is going to be a palaeontologist when he grows up. Ingenious.

This is an amazing new white leather-bound copy of Michael Crichton’s Jurassic Park. It’s red and black accents make it a stand-out piece. Charge your device in the jaws of a T-rex.
It looks like a mild-mannered book on a table or a desk, you almost don’t notice that it’s a charger. No more dropping the cord behind the desk! The charging cord is well secured into the book, and it’s designed to be compatible with all iPods and iPhones (iPhone 3G, 3GS & iPhone 4G), it accommodates sync and charge functions via a USB cable, wall connector is not included.

Book Charging Dock for iPhone and iPod

Shadowstand for iPhone and iPad

Shadowstand for iPhone and iPad
Very cute and fun. Made for iPad, iPhone or other similar sized devices this stand appears to cast a shadow as it holds your device inlace for easier viewing. It’s always interesting to see the contrast between the coldness of devices like the iPhone and the warmth natural forms and materials. Despite being the best looking device available I always find myself drawn to accessories that add some kind of tactile or natural feeling; it’s less of a concern with other handsets and tablets, though as great as they are on the inside the exterior always feels like a cheap plastic toy. Cheap plastic toys don’t warrant much of an accessory market.
Shadowstand was developed by Japanese architecture firm and design studio Nendo for ELECOM.
Via designboom.

iPhone Christmas Skin Kit

iPhone Christmas Skin Kit
This is an interesting idea which I don’t remember seeing or thinking of in the past. Taking an attractive pattern, of your choosing, from the outside of the device to the wallpaper of home screen. Not brilliant but might appeal to some.
In this case I think it is simply an artist rendering of what is an attractive pattern for the coming holiday season. Canadian ‘Nitza’ designs the artwork and the skin is shipped to you from the US. Nice. especially if you would like to add sue extra scratch protection or get tired of the cool Rams inspired aesthetic of the iPhone.
iPhone Christmas Skin Kit

Hacoa iPhone BaseStation

Hacoa iPhone BaseStation
Hacoa iPhone BaseStation
Hacoa iPhone BaseStation
I’ve been looking at iPhone bases lately and this one from Hocoa caught my eye. Made from either Maple or Walnut the BaseStation puts your iPhone on display while it syncs and charges. It looks beautiful and the use of wood makes for a nice contrast to cold sharp lines of the iPhone.
Hacoa iPhone BaseStation

The Horn Bike

The Horn Bike
The Horn Bike
I love this fun reinterpretation of the classic bike horn. Lots of fun possibilities for custom sounds or voices. The Horn Bike is an Eco-friendly silicone bicycle amplifier, features an adjustable strap to fit all bicycles and can be set in almost any angle.
“Using the principle of the bugle, concentrating the voice and direct the conduction direction in order to reach the effect of increasing the volume, it can increase 13 db after use and does not need any supplementary electricity, it is absolutely environmental friendly.”
There are a number of different products which I think are pretty great as well including the horn stand and phone cell.
The Horn Bike