Wood cases for the iPod Touch

Wooden case for iPod Touch
I’m always a fan of the contrast afforded by protecting digital devices in cases made of natural materials — even though not always practical, wood and felt hold the most interest for me.
Miniot’s iWood for the iPod Touch (pictured above) is an elegant choice. I like the idea of a built-in stand. The upcoming iPad could use a case like this.
Double Striple Mahogany iPod Touch Case
The Double Striple Mahogany Case by mjdinsmore is made from a single piece of mahagony that has been carefully hollowed and smoothed for a snug fit.
The Walnut iPod Touch Case
The Walnut iPod Touch Case by Substrata features a sliding cover.

Ipod Nano Wool Felt Case

Ipod Nano Wool Felt Case
It’s nice to see some case love given to one of my favorite devices the iPod Nano. This beauty is made from thick wool felt by Byrd & Belle; a variation on their iPone and iPod classic cases.
Felted material is 100% Merino wool felt and is 1/8″ thick and soft to the touch. The leather strap is hand-dyed.
Byrd & Belle will be one of the first bag makers I turn to when I start looking for an iPad case.
Ipod Nano Wool Felt Case

Cipolla iPod sleeve

Cipolla’s iPod sleeve has all the essentials; simple design, nice attractive materials and enough protection for all but the most serious of spills. It features a three layer construction, back pocket for headphones or cards and foam cushioning. It’s not the recession case but this sleeve is exceptionally priced. Fits an iPod touch or classic.
Available at cipolla’s shop.

Sushi iPod Case

Very cute.

Sushi I pod covers are all handmade with the softest, plushest fleece to help prevent screen scratching. The removable sushi “Ebi” acts as a protective pillow for your pricey magical music machine adding extra protection when your gadget gets lodged at the bottom of your bag. This cover has a zippered opening for head phones, credit card, identification and possibly if you can cram it in there a ridiculously small cell phone.

Sushi Ipod Classic Case / Cozy

Fatboy Bags

Beautiful minimalist design at an affordable price.

The Fatboy bags are a colorful unisex collection for a very broad range of ages. Very strong materials with environmental friendly coatings were mixed with elements from the aviation and extreme sports industry. Parachute buckles; seatbelts, scuba diving zippers and noiseless Velcro are some examples for the original and highly detailed finishing on the outside and inside of the bags.

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iPod Nano Notebook

While on the hunt for a better case for my wife’s iPod Nano 4G I came across iPod notebook case from Dutch company Scripta. It looks good and would be a good fit with the way she writes notes and reminders. She’s wisely analogue. The case features leather and foam construction in a variety of colors. Pictured is the 3G version with a 4G promised in April.

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Louis Vuitton iPod Case

A case for those who demand the ultimate in luxury for their iPods.This particular case was made for Karl Lagerfeld and it boasts a case that can hold up to 20 iPods with areas to put some speakers and a subwoofer.
Continue at Slamxhype

Netbook sleeves from Wrappers

Netbooks need love too. Wrappers has new luxury ultrasuede, polyurethane and Alcantara sleeves for netbooks from £28.00. I haven’t seen many cases of this class for these type of devices so these are worth considering as a means of protecting your netbook investment. Of course they look amazing too.
Wrappers also has new no logo products for aluminum MacBook and MacBook Pro from £15.00 and a limited number of black ultrasuede iPhone sleeves lined with Paul Smith of London multistripe for £19.00. Great stuff.
All of Wrappers sleeves are made ‘ethically’ in Oxford, England and because they aren’t mass produced you can ask for some customizations like embroidery, tag, or logo. More background here.

Knomo Leather iPod Touch Case

A beautiful leather open faced option to protect your iPod Touch 2G. It allows for easy access to the multi-touch display and all controls while the interior and secure closure help keep your iPod scratch and finger print free. Full access is also provided to the volume control, headphone jack and dock connector. Available here.

Media Pocket


A fun pouch to protect your media device from the bumps and scratches of everyday life. Designed to fit the iPhone, iPod, and other smaller PDAs, phones, and media players. (Note: will not fit the larger blackberries and palms.) Made with gray industrial wool felt made from factory excess (85% wool and 15% mixed fibers)

I like how I can use this pouch for a variety of devices thereby saving the cost of multiple bags for devices I may not carry at the same time. Anything made from wool immediately gets my attention. We don’t need much in the way of wool over here in the tropics and I miss the quality of the fabric greatly.
Media Pocket at ELSEWARES // Independent Art & Design

Unique iPod cases by Tinbot

Tinbot, the ultimate collectors iPod case is designed to add some flavor to your favorite mp3 playing gadget. Constructed from durable tin and shock-resistant neoprene with exterior artwork created by some of their favorite world-renowned artists. Unique attractive case to protect you iPod. More pictures after the jump. Via Trendinsights.

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Leather sleeve for iPod Touch

This leather sleeve for the iPod touch from Belkin provides full protection from everyday scratches and scuffs while giving you full access to the touch UI. The sleek design doesn’t add much girth to the device which allows you to easily slip your iPod right into your pocket. Made of soft, durable leather with soft-suede interior with a choice of two colors. The black/chocolate is pictured. More info. from Belkin. It’s $15.85US at Amazon.

iPod Touch Cover


Designed to provide complete protection with minimal surface coverage, the Protective Cover offers direct access to all iPod touch features—including widescreen display, touch controls, headphone jack, and dock connector. The Protective Cover’s form-fitting, injection molded material and custom topographic pattern exterior keeps the iPod touch conveniently out of harm’s way without adding bulk

Protective Cover For iPod touch from Incase

DLO Jam Jacket

The Jam Jacket no-slip silicone case solves two problems in one product. The silicone material adds a strong, gripable layer of protection to your iPod, plus the “integrated Headphone Management System” on the back of the Jam Jacket allows you to neatly wrap your headphone cord behind your iPod. The case provides access to the hold switch, headphone jack, and the bottom dock connector. It’s also available for the 2nd gen. iPod Nano. Available in black for $19.99US.