Action Jacket for iPod Shuffle

I haven’t written or been interested in products such as this for some time. It’s hard to get excited about yet another ‘innovative’ case for the iPod. In the case of the shuffle there really doesn’t seem to be a need. These are fairly sturdy devices of comparatively low cost. Do we really need a case to protect them? DLO thinks so with their introduction of the Action Jacket for iPod Shuffle. Luckily the case looks good. The Action Jacket comes with an adjustable armband making it suitable for those on the run. $20.00US.

Vaja’s Silver iPod Video Case

Vaja has just announced their new silver, a new case for the iPod video (5G). Vaja is known for their quality leather and this case certainly continues with that tradition. What makes this case different is the handcrafted sterling silver 925 appliques around the screen, click-wheel and logo, which in their words gives you iPod video “a sophisticated and striking styling look”. The case provides easy access to controls, jacks, and switches – an opening at the bottom for the dock connector included. Vaja’s cases are handmade and a large amount of customization is available. At $240.00US they are about as expensive as the iPod itself. Expect a couple week wait for delivery. Vaja Silver.

iFrogz Tadpole iPod Case for Kids

We seldom allow our kids to watch TV, maybe 1 hour or so a week at most. With so much else to do it always seems like such a waste of time. But there are times, like a 12 hr flight across the pacific, where having easy access to their favourite bits of video could mean the difference between parental sanity or insanity. That sounds extreme and it is but TV has this sedating effect with children which makes it perfect for those times when there is little else to do but sit in your seat. Ipod video is a perfect device for this purpose but I don’t think I would feel too comfortable allowing my 3 year unbridled access, especially after eating a peanut butter sandwich. That’s where the iFrogz tadpole comes in. From their website: “Tadpole, by iFrogz quickly converts your iPod™ into a portable entertainment device for your child. A rugged case and clear protective screen cover offer unmatched protection and style. Comfort grip handles make viewing easy and fun! The tadpole case engulfs the whole iPod while leaving open areas for the click wheel, iPod view screen, and various buttons and accessory points. In addition to these design elements the Tadpole has added the comfort grip handles for kid friendly and iPod safe viewing. Just as with the entire product line of silicone iFrogz cases, the tadpole is made from 100% silicone that is coated to repel dust and lint.”
It’s available November 1st for about $25.00US. Via Xataka.

Boombag Speaker Bag for iPod

The Boombag is a great new design concept from GRO design. The bag comes with a built in full range speaker, a rechargeable battery, iPod compartment, and can be controlled via the red lable affixed on the outside . To protect your iPod from the elements the bag is made with durable and waterproof speaker fabric. Not many iPod accessories are designed with the elegance that this bag has. They are currently looking for production partners.

Delapod bags for iPod

Delapod bags were designed for those ladies who hate the fumbling that happens when looking for their iPods inside their purses and bags. The iPod sits inside a clear window which gives the user easy control of the machine from the outside of the bag while also keeping out rain or snow. Holes on either end of the bag give users a choice of where to plug in their headset wires. I want to share this as I think it’s a somewhat interesting approach but do women really want an ugly plastic window on an otherwise attractive leather bag? The AccessPak pictured sells for approx. $84.00US.

Waterproof iPod Cases

Sand, water, and iPods don’t mix. If you are married to your iPod and products like Oregon Scientific’s awkwardly named MP121 are not your cup of tea you might want to consider the H2O Audio Series of waterproof cases. With the H2O Audio Series you can submerse your nano, iPod video, and shuffle up to 10ft (3m), this while still maintaining complete control over your iPod. Swimming underwater submersing yourself to your favourite iPod playlist sounds like a great experience. Prices start at $40.00US.

iPod Mono-Strap Backpack

“iPod Control At Your Fingertips”. The iPod Mono-Strap Backpack puts a 5-button ElekTex® Smart Fabric control panel on the carrying strap to allow you to control your iPod while keeping it secure inside a special interior pocket. You can play or pause your iPod, go to the next or previous track and adjust the volume. A headphone jack on the strap allows you to plug in your headphones conveniently. It’s not just a bag to carry your iPod, with dimensions of 18.5″ x 14″ x 4.5″ this backpack functions as a good day pack as well. Made from Duratex and 840d Nylon it should stand up well and last longer than any iPod you might own. As you might expect I love this kind of computing convergence. I want all my interfaces woven into the fabric of my daily life and this is one step in that direction. I’m not one for listening to music while I am out walking though as in the city I live you have to keep your eyes or ears open lest you get run over – even on the sidewalk. Available from ThinkGeek for $99.00US.
Find out what’s on Clearance at ThinkGeek!

Bennie and Olive Book Cover iPod Case

This looks like an interesting option if your worried about someone stealing your iPod. It’s a bit like, at least in concept, to stealth safes where your money is stored in a pop can looking device. Taking the form of a pulp fiction novel these cloth covered hard cases from Bennie and Olive open to a vinyl interior that holds your iPod in place. A neat alternative to all the other widely available options. $69.00US. Via Popgadget.

iPod Sleeve

These fitted neoprene sleeves aren’t the fanciest or most useful sleeves on the block but they are cute and feature cool graphics by fab UK design house Sukie. They have a soft non-scratch lining so your iPod will stay safe and sound in your bag. If all you are doing is carrying your iPod in a larger bag these cheap sleeves might just be enough, allowing for a bit of extra protection and more piece of mind. Available in four styles: Dude, Deer, Happy Hand, and Music Lab. Pictured dude. If I was going to buy a sleeve I would rather the one marketed by Apple but you can’t beat the price.Available for $12.00US from Wishingfish.

Knitted Boombox Bag for iPod

Most of the bags, clothing, and other gear I like the most are those which come from smaller companies who focus on small details that make a big difference in their products. The small companies who actually like and have the energy to talk to their customers. One of the neat things about buying t-shirts ( and other items) online is the absolute variety of what is available. The chance that you can have something really unique is pretty special too. A nice chance from the walmartisation the world is going through. There is another way to achieve a great quality (or we can hope) and unique creation is to build it ourselves. Not exactly a revelation but in a world where we want everything yesterday it is something we tend to forget. From Make magazine comes this interesting project called the knitted Boombox Bag which I think looks far more appealing than many of the bags I have seen in the stores and that I have featured here. From Make magazine: “Shannon Okey of says, “This is the knitted Boombox Bag from my first book, Knitgrrl. It’s got a set of cheap Radio Shack speakers built into the interior that can plug into an iPod or other portable music device in the front pocket. The next version of this pattern will have the speakers actually built in to the front like a real boombox (since it was a beginners’ knitting book, we couldn’t do too much complex shaping). The sound is surprisingly good for $10 speakers!” It might be worth picking up her book to learn how to put together this cool bag. Knitgrrl: Learn to Knit With 15 Fun And Funky Projects is available from Amazon. Hat tip MAKE.

Apple Leather Case for iPod

I’m still staying away from home living off the food of the local breakfast shop – the “laoban” must be 75 years old. The food kind of sucks but the atmosphere is great. It would appear that Apple had a rather uninteresting “special event” where one of the products they announced may be of some interest to those looking for a new iPod case. Apple has introduced a leather iPod case for both the 5th generation iPods and the iPod nano. Made of fine Italian leather with an extremely soft and durable lining. They incorporate a clever black ribbon that pulls out your iPod quickly and easily when you want to use it. I think I prefer cases that allow you to access controls in the case. At $99.00US they suffer from Apples high profit margins. Available from Apple.

Commuter Tie to Carry Your iPod Nano

It would seem that people just can’t stop finding new ways for you to carry around your iPod. Made by Pink “London’s leading Jermym Street Shirt Maker” of 100% silk, the limited edition commuter tie features a pocket on the reverse to hold your iPod Nano and an extra fabric loop to keep headphone wires out of sight and close to your body. I’m not sure of there is something absolutely wrong with this idea or if it’s rebelliously cool. Available for about $85.00US direct from Pink.

DLO Nano Fling

Valentines Day has totally slipped my mind this year. One of the benefits of living in a country far away from home is you are spared the continuous advertising bombard telling you to buy buy buy for each and every special day that rolls around. This doesn’t save me much in the way of money, as I still spend far too much on gear, but it does cause me to forget these invented commercial holidays.
I’ve always been lucky to get away with small efforts on occasions such as this and can’t remember having to go out to buy chocolates or jewelry. Nice flowers and dinner are more in line for my tastes as gifts for the day.
Though I am very late, to keep in the spirit of things I thought the DLO’s Nano Fling in Metallic Pink might be a neat gift for some ladies. I mentioned DLO’s Podfolio back in November. I think the colours will appeal to many of the ladies – the case is fun and fashionable – and the strap alone might make it a winner. Many ladies here already carry their mobile with a cute fashionable strap. The built-in cosmetic mirror and ability to carry a tube of lipstick is a foreign concept to me. Do ladies need these things? All-in-all the solid protection and unique look might make this a good gift for the Nano loving woman in your life. It’s about $28.00 from Amazon or $29.99 direct from DLO.

Das Blau The Vista iPod Case

Das Blau of NY produces a line of fashionable leather and fabric cases for the iPod, all hand made in New York City. The Versa for the 5G iPod is made from lambskin combined with beautifully printed cotton fabric, making each this case a unique item among a dizzying array of iPod case choices. The Versa’s belt clip can be detached on the bottom, and the whole case can be used as a stand for the iPod by positioning a stand on vents that are cut in the surface of the case. The Versa features elastic bands to keep the iPod in place. The Versa costs about $47.00US at Amazon.