JanSport Audiopack – a backpack for your iPod

JanSport has been a staple of the students for years and their new LiveWire line include features for the various electronic devices students (and adults) now carry around full-time. Too many devices I think.
JanSport’s Audio Pack, available in black, blue with gray trim, or pink with gray trim, is a traditional bookbag backpack—it doesn’t include a laptop compartment or sleeve. The audiopack includes iPod integration, you place your dockable iPod in a zippered, neoprene pouch inside the bag’s main compartment. Two plugs—one for your iPod’s dock-connector port and the other for its headphone jack—connect your iPod to the bag. Near the top of the right-hand shoulder strap is a standard stereo miniplug, into which you plug your headphones; lower on the strap is a set of soft-button iPod controls: Play/Pause, Volume Up, Volume Down, Forward, and Back. Styling aside I like this product but if you are like me you expect a quality bag to last for years. I wonder if we will still see use from the integrated controls in a few years or even next season. Bags may soon have the same rapid obsolescence as all the gadgets we buy. About $100.00US.

JanSport Modus Trifold Garment Carrier

This compact garment bag holds hanging garments and more for 2-3 day trips. I haven’t seen one of these but when you think about it it’s a pretty simple concept. Most garment bags fold once, this Jansport folds twice to reduce size. The best ideas are always the most simple. You might want to pack wrinkle free clothing though as this may also be twice as likely to cause wrinkles. Other essential features include oversized mesh shoe pockets, back slip to allow affixing to a roll-on, and a number of internal sleeves for shirts etc.. A cool and attractive bag. There may be limited quantities as I see it has disappeared from the Jansport catalogue. Currently about $110US.
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