The Bookbag for Kids

The Bookbag for Kids
My daughter is already a world traveller and almost constantly on the go so it seems only fitting that I also introduce her to the joys of having some high quality gear to make her treks more enjoyable. She has a nice carry-on, a great backpack and a school bag but I think a nice soft messenger would make a nice addition to her growing collection. This Bookbag from Moop, made from a durable cotton corded canvas, would be perfect for her books, rocks, toys, piano books and art supplies. It features an avocado green organic cotton lining, large interior zipper pocket, 2 deep pockets under the flap, and d-rings to clip her flashlight or tchotchkes. It looks good and is washable. Love it.

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Shinzi Katoh Lunch Bag

My daughter would love this!

Shinzi Katoh’s handy lunch bag collections. For kids, a cute bag to put their favorite water bottles, fruits and sandwiches in. For adults, it can also be a clever alternative to carry during lunch break for just the wallets, cell phones, and the little things.

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Riding Suitcase for Kids

I could certainly see one of these in our traveling future. Fun and a time saver (our daughter is a bit pokey at times).

Here’s the fun and easy way to get the kids’ toys, games, snacks or clothes through the airport or to grandma’s—no back-breaking backpack! Plus, their gear won’t crowd your suitcase. This carry-on-approved case doubles as a riding toy, so you can even pull the kids from gate to gate! The horns are functional hand grips.

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Buying Guide for a Child’s Bookbag has an informative guide for buying you child’s next school backpack. One commonsense tip is to remember to not overload your child’s bag. I’ve seen kids here carrying more books to school than I could handle comfortably.

Recent studies have shown that 64% of children suffer from back pain. Most cases can be traced to overloaded or ill fitting backpacks or other school bags. Learning to load, wear and use a backpack properly is important and so is making sure the backpack distributes the load efficiently. Here are the key features to look for in a child’s backpack.

Before You Buy a Child’s Backpack.

Fleurville Capsule Lunch Pak

A bag for kids. Even the little ones need cool bags to carry their essential stuff. The kids here use bags like this for their food and miniature carry-ons for books. They have to carry allot of books. This lunch pack is insulated with adjustable backpack straps scaled for kids. It has essential features like reflective piping for high visibility, machine wash, hidden name tag, and a built in beverage sleeve. It comes in 3 different colours that appeal to both boys and girls.
Available at Modern Seed for $33US.