Attache Case in Wool

Attache Case in Wool
I’m not a big fan of pleats on anything, at least with respect to mens accessories or apparel, but I do like the look of leather and wool together. And I can appreciate the quality of materials in this custom attache case in wool with heavy duck canvas. It’s a beautiful piece from Minneapolis based sketchbook. The Attache Case is made to fit your laptop and has a convenient pocket in the front for all your other stuff. I always like the look of leather strap and buckle closures.
Attache Case in Wool

7 Laptop Backpacks

A short collection of some of my favorite backpacks in which to carry a laptop. All or most are ideally suited to a number of occasions and for the most part these are all reasonably priced.

Fjällräven 15 inch Laptop Kanken

Fjällräven 15 inch Laptop Kanken

Fjällräven, founded in 1950, is a company which has experienced enormous success in Nordic countries, and luckily for us, greater availability in Asia and elsewhere. Large enough to hold a 15-inch laptop this Fjällräven Kånken is perfect for the commute or short hikes. This rucksack gives you the option of carrying the bag like a tote or a backpack and features two side sleeves, one interior sleeve and one padded laptop compartment. Made in Sweden, it has the added bonus of an assurance of quality and a name that few in Asia can pronounce.

15-inch Laptop Kanken in Graphite

Blauvent Parachute Backpack

blauvent parachute backpack

There are a fantastic combination of materials, colors, and patterns in this unisex backpack from Blauvent. The Parachute Backpack takes its’ inspiration from, yes, parachute bags and is the ideal bag to carry your laptop, a4 sized materials and more. It’s fairly economical in size but should allow you to carry most of what you will need through-out the day, and with it’s somewhat unique materials you can be sure this backpack will survive the rigours of daily use.

Lots of original and beautiful design coming from this Spain based company. Love it.

Blauvent Parachute Backpack

Haglofs Corker


The Haglofs Corker is a 20L daypack with box construction that provides easy access to items, and prevents the bag from collapsing. It’s available in a number of different colours.

Eliminating the annoying top down search for objects in your bag, one of the great features of the Corker is that all compartments open from the side. One side’s opening allows an overview of the main compartment, while the other reveals the usual pockets for gadgets, pens, keys and etc. The new Synapse bag from Tom Bihn shares this approach in revealing small pockets on the side but doesn’t dispense with the zippered top opening.

While this backpack isn’t explicitly designed to carry a laptop, like other bags it can be repurposed with the simple addition of a sleeve or ideally a Tom Bihn Braincell. What makes this a better bag for this purpose is the intelligent opening of the compartments. You don’t have to dig for your cables and such.

Found at Hynm’s and available at Pack Your Bags Travel Store.

Tom Bihn Brain Bag

tom bihn brain bag

I consider this the granddaddy of all laptop backpacks,and it’s quality is by which all others are judged, I’ve had mine for years and it shows no signs of wear. Tom Bihn’s products are simply built to last. From their product page:

The Brain Bag consists of two main compartments plus four external pockets. The small top pocket on the back is perfect for a wallet and has an inside snaphook for keys. The two vertical front pockets are large enough for water bottles or even a small thermos; both inside pockets are pen/pencil organizers. The left pocket has an outside flat mesh pocket for brochures, plane tickets or even a small U-Lock. Between the pockets are two lash straps for umbrella or a rain coat.

I bought mine to carry a large laptop, some video equipment and related cables and accessories. It carried that with aplomb through some fairly difficult tortuous environments. You should purchase a Brain cell to protect your laptop as there is no built-in protection for your laptop.

One of the few criticisms I have about the bag is the very reason why you might chose this bag over another Tom Bihn backpack, its size. There is a tendency to load the bag up with all kinds of gear making it uncomfortable to carry over long distances, and there is no frame for support. Also, the front pockets could use abit more volume as they tend to get tight as you load up the bag.

These criticisms aside, I don’t expect to ever have to replace this bag. They are that well made.

Tom Bihn Brain Bag

Hideo Wakamatsu Attache Backpack


A popular style of bag, at least for those who are carrying a Lenovo laptop. I’ve seen them everywhere lately.

This 3-way (handgrip, shoulder-strap, backpack) attache features backpack straps that can be deployed during your commute or trip through the airport, and stowed when you arrive at your office or meeting. High-tech hollow-threaded Japanese nylon reduces weight, increases durability, and has a shimmery look. Hideo takes advantage of the low weight to add lots of features and pockets that would be prohibitively heavy if done in a lower grade of nylon.

It’s a bit difficult to source this bag as this particular bag isn’t sold direct from Hideo Wakamatsu – it’s not part of his fall line. I do the simplicity and quality of materials.

Hideo Wakamatsu USA

Modem Laptop Daypack


North Face bags are known for their high quality, design, and ability to withstand all the extremes that weather and travel place upon them. This daypack is no different and should be perfect for your urban and travel experiences. It features a main compartment designed to carry your laptop, laminated back panel with breathable mesh, a small stash pocket in the front, and my favorite ykk #10 zippers.


Available at Rushfaster.

Porter Day Pack

I love this square two color day pack with it’s classic styling from Porter. Large enough to carry a 13″ laptop, camera, books, and or notebooks. The zippered opening looks very convenient. There are few bags which look as perfect as this.


Available at Beams Online Shop

Billykirk X Opening Ceremony Waxed Laptop Satchel

billykirk waxed laptop satchel
From a collaboration between Billy Kirk and Opening Ceremony is the last example, for this week at least, of waxed materials in yet another great bag.

billykirk sets itself apart by employing amish leather workers who hand craft their products, as well as using vegetable dye that lends to beautiful natural aging of their products. this bag features a waxed cloth body with a leather bottom, leather tophandle, zip, and removable strap, as well as a removable leather identification tag. bag closes with a front buckle.

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Haglöfs Laptop Dry Bag

Haglöfs laptop dry case sleeve
I love the look of these waterproof laptop case from Haglöfs. I also love that they are nearly perfect for the type of weather I sometimes experience in my travels. There are a number of laptop bags in this category but I haven’t seen with the Laptop Dry Bag’s minimalist size and style.
Lightweight and robust. Ziploc and velcro openings. 15-17 inch laptops.
Made with 40 denier polyamide 66 ripstopfabric with good abrasion and tearingstrength. Double TPU-coating (thermoplastic urethane) which is excellent for RF and heat welding.
The laptop dry bag is available from Haglöfs or Ripe.
Thanks Chris.

Laptop Bag Roundup

With so many laptop bags featuring interesting forms, flamboyance and color, it’s refreshing to see a collection of bags which are more traditional and understated in their design. The following ten laptop bags are for those who prefer more traditional styling, appreciate quality and want a bag that will last.

Chelsea Cargo Sling

Chelsea Cargo Sling
The nicest bag I will likely never own. The chelsea cargo sling is reminiscent of the custom leather bags that were so popular with many of my friends in the 80s. Reminiscent in terms of craftmanship and quality but certainly not in style and price. If you look at it as a long term investment the $770.00US price might gain a new perspective.

Handcrafted from genuine Italian leather. Metal zip closure, antiqued hardware and adjustable buckle strap. Interior features include zip compartment, multi-functional slip pockets, pen loop and key clip. Lined with our vibrant Japanese-motif cotton print. Protective cotton dustcover for storage.

You can purchase this beautiful bag direct from Begeren for $770.00US.

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Nanda Lapsac

Nanda Lapsac Tote Bag
These innovative bags from Nanda, the makers of clocky, feature a padded front pouch to carry your laptop; a delightful departure from the norm. The Nanda Lapsac comes in a number of different colours and patterns, ending the boring corporate look, and is big enough to carry all that you might need throughout the day. The lapsac is replete with 4 inner pockets, is made from cotton canvas and a waterproof nylon interior. I think it looks amazing.
Nanda Lapsac

Knomo Sofia Max netbook bag


The Sophia Max is a handy cross-body bag designed to hold a 10″ netbook. With space for all your daily essentials, the Sofia max can be slipped over your head to keep your PDA, money, keys and iPod close at hand when running between meetings, and the slick leather flap and patent trim are stylish and practical. The wide strap and lightweight, quilted design ensure you are comfortable and your laptop is protected.

It’s also available in black. Quoted and picture from Rushfaster.

Laptop Bags That Make You Look Slimmer

While I give a great deal of thought to how a bag is designed in terms of its’ form, materials, usage and style, I don’t give as much thought to the effect it might have on a persons appearance. It’s not something I think of beyond the more obvious does it work with faded denims or will it suit the office.
In an article for Laptop Bag Lifeline Marsha Hallet gives advice on the effect of how your choice of bag can effect the way you look. For me it’s a whole different way of looking at bags. Here is an excerpt:

When you want to look your slimmest, it’s all about using balance and proportion to correctly define your appearance. You need to determine the correct ratio between your figure, your clothing choices, and your accessories. The shape and color of your career bag are important considerations when you want to look slimmer.
To elongate and slim your silhouette, the North/South rectangular career bag is your bag of choice.  Within that category, the most slimming look is monochromatic. When the color of your bag matches or blends with what you are wearing, your figure will appear to be more slender. If your bag hangs at your hip, you can also achieve this effect by just matching your bag to your skirt or trouser.

She continues by recommending the following bags from the Careerbags catalogue: The Theresa Kathryn Parker Laptop Tote, The Siamod Genova Vertical Laptop Tote and The Ice Red Sirocco Urban Laptop Tote.
Read Laptop Bags That Make You Look Slimmer for more detail.

Mismo Transit Laptop Bag

mismo transit
Transit laptop bag from Danish bag firm Mismo. Like all of their bag collection the Mismo Transit presents clean lines, premium materials, and superb design. Some of the details include front and back exterior pockets with snap closures, hidden O-ring for a shoulder strap, exquisite lining, interior zipper pocket and protected laptop compartment. Fits all 15″ laptops.
An investment that will get better with time.
Mismo Transit Laptop Bag

12 Back-to-School Laptop Bags

If mobility to you means heading to campus then now might be a good time to get started thinking about new gear for the coming semester. Ellen Hart of Laptop Bag Lifeline talked to a few students about what they carry in their bags and what they look for in a laptop bag. A couple highlights:

What does a typical college student carry these days?
I’m not sure if I count as typical, but the necessary things to have in my bag are my wallet, blackberry, keys, iPod, flash drives, laptop, assorted utensils (pens, pencil, white-out, mini stapler etc…the mini stapler is definitely a necessity), a few folders and project packages, a book or some sort of reading material for the commute, a water bottle and some munchies. A few other odds and ends.
How do you get to school (walk, drive, bike, transit) and how does that affect your choice of bag?
I’ve been busing, usually over an hour each way, for my entire 7 years of post-secondary education. I have my bus commute down to an art form. I’d say it has a pretty major impact on my choice of bag: the bag needs to be big enough to hold everything, but with no extra bulk (to avoid smacking other passengers in the head). It needs to be easy and quick to swing on to my lap for that smooth seat obtaining action. It needs to have enough structure to keep everything safe inside, but not too rigid so that it’s uncomfortable to hug on my lap for an hour. It needs to have some level of weather protection. Also, I need to easily be able to quickly access my bus pass and my phone. It’s a tall order.

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Hlaska Caliper Laptop Briefcase

This laptop briefcase from Hlaska is all business. The Caliper features unique detailing, great form, and styling perfect for places where a backpack is frowned upon. The rigid walls and multiple pockets keeps everything you need safe, organized, and unwrinkled. Great leather detailing. Fits a 13″ Macbook.
Hlaska Caliper Briefcase

Matt and Nat Rohe Streamline Laptop Bag

This bag reminds me of the handcrafted bags that I used to love 20 years ago when my interest in bags, design, and mobility were just beginning. Beautiful and understated. Made with vegan leather with suede lining.

It all started with a challenge, to forego animal products for 30 days. Now almost 2 decades later Matt & Nat have established a collection of design-centric, fashion-forward accessories that is also vegan. Matt & Nat have created a vision and a brand that goes beyond fashion. it’s about invoking our own human experiences and the environments that surround us.

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Harveys Laptop Bag treecycle

This tough and beautiful bag for your laptop is from Harvey’s Treecycle collection of seatbeltbags made from reclaimed seatbelts, organic hemp and water-based inks. It features a padded laptop divider with velcro closure, brushed nickel hardware, and a smooth zip-top closure. Harveys Original Seatbeltbags have been producing their signature seat-belt-style bag since March of 1997 and the concept still seems fresh. A testament to their quality and design. I’m a big fan of their Messenger as well.
Laptop Bag treecycle. Thanks Michael.

Vintage Tapestry Rolling Laptop Bag

If you are tired of boring black than you will be thankful for this laptop bag from Vintage Tapestry. With bold color, great finish, and that beautiful pattern, this rolling laptop bag will not only carry all your gear, but will help you look great while doing it. Features include durable hardware, retractable handle, large internal compartment, and fabric lining for easy cleaning. Perfect for the airport.
Vintage Tapestry Bags

Chloe Dao Floral Laptop Case

Beautiful pattern. Nuo enlisted Houston based Chloe Dao, the winner of the second season of the reality show Project Runway, to design their line of slim laptop bags. The Chloe Dao Floral Laptop Case pictured above is made from thick and lightweight high density molded foam thereby protecting your laptop scratches and bumps.
Wikipedia has a good profile of Chloe Dao and you can view her current collection at Lot8 boutique and at her official website.
Find the Chloe Dao Floral Laptop Case at CareerBags. Laptop Bag Lifeline has a good overview of the Nuo Laptop Bag line.