OXO Candela Luau

While it may have value in emergencies, I think the greatest use of this LED lantern would be as lighting for your portable workspace. If you are lucky enough to have a yard or a deck this lantern would help create a wonderful evening work or reading space.

OXO Candela Luau is a portable LED lantern that stays lit up to 10 hours, is cool to the touch, and provides soothing light. Luau is suitable for a wide variety of settings. On the bedside, at the BBQ, or on the patio, the Luau lantern is practical for everyday use but unique enough for special occasions. Portable and cordless, Luau can be placed on the dinner table and lends a festive accent to parties or evenings outdoors. Luau’s dimming feature allows you to control brightness by simply rotating the lantern’s integrated base. A discreet colored light on the base indicates the lamp’s charging status—orange if it’s charging and green when it’s fully charged. Luau illuminates automatically when lifted from the charging base or during a power outage. When placed on the charging base, it automatically recharges for the next use. With Luau, there are no bulbs or candles to replace and rechargeable nickel-metal-hydride batteries ensure that it can be used again the next day and the day after that… for years of enjoyment.

Candela Luau. Via IDasia.

Vessel Guardian Lantern – Portable Nightlight

While I tend focus my time primarily on finding great bags and t-shirts occasionally I come across a company whose catalogue of products is too cool not to mention.
For practical reasons I have littered through-out my house a multitude of candles. Since surviving the disaster that was 921 I have been ever more conscious of being ready for the lights to go out. Electrical wiring practices are sub-standard at best here. We can be ready in style though and in amongst the utility candles are beautiful looking and aromatic works of art. Until now I haven’t seen any modern devices that could compete both in terms of utility and beauty. The Vessel Guardian lantern is a beautiful work of art that draws it’s inspiration from the candles of old but with some very modern technology.
“The Guardian uses patented magnetic recharging technology to provide a light that’s always ready; whether for midnight jaunts to the bathroom or kitchen, the Guardian creates a warm, ambient glow that can be carried throughout the house. Plus, during power failures, the Guardian illuminates instantly for five hours of light on a full charge.
The Guardian is two lights in one — the charger has an integral EL panel that’s always lit, and the lantern is robust and portable to illuminate wherever there’s no electricity.”
Guardian Portable Lantern is available for about $34US.