How great bags age

Centenary  suitcase
Simon Crompton writes about his purchase of Globe-Trotter luggage. I may not share his love of hard sided suitcases but I do like what he says in this passage:

One of the great attractions of buying classic, handmade items is how they age; true investment pieces that last not just more than one season, but more than one generation. However, few articles are written about aging. Understandably, most are written about the instantly thrilling, box-fresh purchase.
When I first wrote about buying the luggage two years ago, one reader commented: “Simon, those are beautiful suitcases. But… do you really use them for air travel today? Don’t they get ruined?” I didn’t really know it at the time, but the point is that no, they do not.

How great things age: Globe-Trotter luggage

Orion Suitcase

Orion Suitcase
While it may not inspire, the Orion Suitcase by Hermès Design Director Gabriele Pezzini does have wonderful functional and aesthetic properties. To provide resistance to wear and tear, the Orion Suitcase has a brushed aluminum shell with an interior surface reinforced with carbon and kevlar. The leather handles and straps are an attractive contrast and offer an homage to the Hermès travel world – I alway appreciate the look of leather set against aluminum. The interior is lined with leather and it’s two handles allow you to carry it horizontally or vertically.

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Kenton Sorenson Laptop Portfolio

Kenton Sorenson Laptop Portfolio
Handmade in Wisconsin of vegetable tanned leather the Kenton Sorenson Laptop Portfolio expands to fit your 15-inch laptop, along with magazines, newspapers and other analog bits. The bag has an inside pocket for a slim wallet and their signature closure can’t be beat. Though not purpose built, it’s almost 6 inches too long, this might make a great bag to carry your newly purchased iPad with a few extras inside. Bags like this only get better with use over time.
Kenton Sorenson Laptop Portfolio. Via Uncrate.

Centenary suitcase

Centenary  suitcase
Perfect for a trip to the colonies, the Centenary Suitcase is handmade in England with a Vulcan Fibre shell, leather trimming and straps, and a beautiful silk lining. Nothing much has changed with this durable classic since they started making them in 1897. Made by Globe-Trotter.
Centenary suitcase.

Henk Travelfriend Luxury Luggage

Henke Travelfriend Luxury Luggage
After struggling with his heavy and awkward high-end suitcase in the snow outside LaGuardia, Henk, a Dutch real estate magnate, knew that there had to be a better solution. He turned to Frog design to realize his vision of a luxury travel suitcase that is both agile, strong and stylish. The result being the Travelfriend line of luxury luggage.
The Henk Travelfriend luxury travel suitcase may well be the finest suitcase made today. Made from a carbon-fiber composite shell, the Henk features an interior of Italian wood veneer and woven horsehair, buttons made of black ebony wood, interior dividers made of the same fabric found in parachutes, retractable handle and wheels, an integrated briefcase and a central locking system.

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Onehundred&ten Air Cabin Case

one ten glossy case
The onehundred&ten Air Cabin case is a black carbon fibre/kevlar travel bag of the future and may qualify as one of the more expensive pieces of luggage that I have featured.

Globe-Trotter charged innovative designer Ross Lovegrove with the responsibility to create a truly iconic case that would encapsulate the fundamental values of Globe-Trotter’s one hundred and ten years of experience making luggage while maintaining an aesthetic that would stand the test of time and become a collectable modern classic. Lovegrove began working on the project in 2006, and over the next two years, his investigation lead to the development of an exclusive Carbon Fibre and Kevlar ‘weave’ that is incredibly lightweight and highly durable.

Globe-Trotter states that the Carbon Fibre and Kevlar-weave developed exclusively for this case makes it 5 times stronger than steel on an equal weight basis. Take that airline bag handlers.
Onehundred&ten Air Cabin Case is available exclusively through Moss.

Want les essentiels de la vie

A luxurious black malpensa 24 hour zip open top travel bag with two interior pockets. This weekender comes with loads of style, adjustable shoulder strap and a removable interior bag for your shoes or dirty clothes. Made with black leather and silver hardware. It’s Italian but I’d wear it with American cut clothiers like Brooks Brothers and Hickey Freeman; or if I could find a size to fit, Trovata.

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X-TRA BAG Costes + Sequoia

Costes teamed with Sequoia for the creation of its line of luggage: the X-TRA BAG. The design is sleek with inspiration taken taken from both Hotel Costes, the brown color, and classic travel luggage. The collection consists of 3 sizes of bags mounted on wheels, with removable internal storage and travel kits. The X-TRA BAG will be available in the fall via Hotel Costes and in Sequoia shops all around the world. Via viacomit.