Malcolm Fontier Messenger bags


It’s a big world out there, and you can’t see it sitting still. Our line of carryalls is meant to compliment those that live by the same belief. -Malcom Fontier

I received a Malcolm Fontier bag a couple weeks back and it’s a beautiful piece of work. All their products are 100% vegetarian and from what I can see, the materials and construction are top notch. I haven’t had the opportunity to give it some real use, it’s been so hot I’ve avoided trekking to anywhere that requires me to carry my gear, but I have some activities planned this week that will fit put this great bag to use. I know it’s going to impress.

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Marimekko Arkkitehti Messenger Bag

The Marimekko Arkkitehti is a traditional messenger bag big enough to easily carry sketchbooks, folders, books, and a small laptop. It’s classic styling is reinforced with quality construction and wear-resistant, high-quality 100% cotton canvas materials. The bag has two outside pockets – a zippered pocket on the flap and an open pocket on the back. Inside you find five small pockets ideal for sharpies, gadgets, and the like. The inside of the bag also features two large areas for your other stuff – like the pictured MacBook.
The design of the Marimekko Arkkitehti features a casual elegance and fine attention to detail. It’s amazing how something so simple can be so striking. It’s certainly worth scouting for.
Marimekko is a leading Finnish textile and clothing design company based in Helsinki. Established in 1951, the company designs, manufactures and markets high-quality clothing, interior decoration textiles, bags and other accessories under the Marimekko brand, both in Finland and abroad. Purchasing can be made online or if you are fortunate enough at one of their concepts stores in New York, Cambridge, Massachusetts; Oxford, Mississippi; Miami Beach, Florida; or Vancouver, British Columbia.

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Porter ‘Zoom’ bags

Found on Arknets are a new range of casual bags – the Zoom Collection. It’s a big hard to translate the Japanese. This new line includes backpacks, messenger bags, waist bags, and cases. The messenger pictured above is a combination of oil/water resistant leather and nylon in black, while the others, seen after the jump, include a modernistic silver. The silver is a bit too space 1999 for me. All are viewable at Ark.

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Bagjack Transformable Messenger Bag

Another great bag from The Glade catalogue, the Stone Island Shadow transforms from a messenger bag to briefcase to backpack.

With the lid zipped and the straps across your chest you get a full capacity backpack, with the lid zipped open and buttoned to the inside you have a messenger bag, with the lid flipped towards the back (covering the strap system) – you get your briefcase… with a little practice you will become a true master of this bag.

From bike to office to weekend getaway.

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Incase Skate Messenger Bag

An incredibly well thought out and constructed bag from Incase featuring a large interior storage area, outer waterproof stash pocket with earphone cord access, waterproof lining, anodized aluminum hardware, padded notebook storage compartment with plush faux-fur lining, and an across-the-body strap design. Whew, so many features. One caveat about all bags of this type is the large amount of surface area that is in contact with your body — in the heat of these parts it makes for a sticky sweaty mess.

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Incase EO Collection

Simplicity seems to be the key word in bags lately. While I am unsure about the color, the modern space age styling and innovative fabrics make for a unique and attractive line of bags. Featuring water, dirt, and smell resistant NanoSphere fabric by Schoeller Textiles of Switzerland, the new Incase EO Collection includes messenger, duffel, and overnight bags. Add a laptop sleeve and their neat modular accessory pouches and you have all the bags you might need for casual travel.

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Pantone Messenger Bags

Show your inner color geek. This messenger is made of thick canvas with lots of useful interior pockets and bright yellow lining inside. I grow tired of the cavalcade of Pantone branded products but there is no denying the great color.

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Fatboy Bags

Beautiful minimalist design at an affordable price.

The Fatboy bags are a colorful unisex collection for a very broad range of ages. Very strong materials with environmental friendly coatings were mixed with elements from the aviation and extreme sports industry. Parachute buckles; seatbelts, scuba diving zippers and noiseless Velcro are some examples for the original and highly detailed finishing on the outside and inside of the bags.

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Lacoste City Casual Medium Messenger

‘The alligator’ is not a brand I would normally associate with bags but I saw a similar messenger while out shopping for post-CNY sales. It’s pretty respectable for basic uses and it has the Lacoste logo front and center for the brand conscious. The City Casual Medium messenger pictured has a large interior pocket with the increasingly popular magnetic flap closure, 2 internal sections, and a key ring loop. It might make a suitable replacement for my current workhorse messenger but I would have to take off the alligator. And that’s the reason it costs so much right? Available online or at a corner near you.

Krane Tote-Messenger

This canvas with leather trim bag from Canadian designer Ken Chow caught my eye. Suede lining too. Beautiful.

Krane Design, founded by Ken Chow, combines the practicality of vintage uniforms with details from modern industrial design in pursuit of forward, functional, innovative and individualistic everyday accessories.

KRANE Hamlin Tote-Messenger