Starting last spring I made changes with my web/data host which necessitated changing this site and many others over to a server. I’ve finally finished that transition but expect there to be some perma-link problems for the near far future (I know it’s bad form). Apologies for any mess. I also took the opportunity to move to WordPress and update the design; more on that later.


Canoe Cove sunset
A view of the sunset at our homestead. More photos here.
I’ve been back from my summer travels for about a week now but have been slow to get this part of my life rolling again. The past 6+ weeks have been the longest I have been disconnected since my wife and I toured Europe 9 years ago. It was awesome.
The picture above is of a sunset in Canoe Cove, Prince Edward Island, where we spent much of our time. If you live on the east coast of the US, or anywhere for that matter, Prince Edward Island is a wonderful place to spend time and unwind with your family.
My apologies for the silence. It’s back to work on Monday.


Travel is freedom & lightness
Flying by albertopveiga
I’m off to Toronto this evening flying with EVA on their new direct flight. From Toronto is a short flight via Air Canada to Halifax. I’m excited to try this route as it limits my exposure to the rude uncomfortable inflight experience usually experienced on most Canadian carriers.
I travel enough that I don’t really give it much thought, nor do I write much about it, but this trip is a first for me. This is the first time I will be traveling with both my children alone on such a long flight. My prep. time has been stretched and for some reason I feel nervous for the first time in ages.
Things have been slow at Popwuping for the past two weeks as I traveled around the area and I will be disconnected for the next few days as I recover from the 21+ hr trek to our cottage on Prince Edward Island.


The above is not my schedule but it very well could be (photo by Isabisa). The only writing I have time to do these days is of the twitter kind. I am hoping things will quiet down by the new week. Until then here is a list of things I have read on the go:
Why I love working with family people
CrackBerrys: Exploring the Social Implications of Wireless Email Devices
Strategies For Interactive Marketing In A Recession
How to Draw a Curved Great Circle line in Google Maps
Two Americas? Stuck?

Gong Xi Fa Cai

This is the second Chinese new year vacation that has found me here in what is a cold and noisy city. It’s raining, the temperature is dipping down belong 10˚C, and I have a boy who has a fever. I really must break this habit of not seeking out a beach during this long break! Happy Chinese New Year.

Ho ho ho

Please pardon a break for the next few days. Merry Christmas from my neck of the woods.

Re-opening on the 7th

I didn’t mean it for be such a long break. What was meant as a few days from writing of any kind turned out to be a week, then two, and then three. October 7th will mark a month and a return to regular writing with a slightly different approach.
The picture above is of Buster, a pure bred labrador we adopted from an organization that rescues abandoned dogs in the south of Taiwan. I’ve been pretty busy trying to get him healthy and adjusted to his new family.

An univited guest

I’ve been incredibly busy all week finishing up a few projects that magically all reached similar points in their production schedules. I had hoped to take a break this weekend by getting out and doing some urban hiking, sharing some new finds here, and perhaps see a movie. I don’t get out as much these days this was a big deal. Unfortunately those plans are off.
Super-typhoon SEPAT, named after a fresh water Malaysian fish (?), is close to the coast of Taiwan and expected to hit overnight. While the center of the storm will pass south of here, I am expecting a pretty intense weather for most of Saturday. I’m hoping the damage will be light.
The New Hampshire Bushman in Taiwan‘ has some interesting coverage. I’ll likely be updating with any developments on twitter and plazes.

Still on Vacation

After 10 years of living in Asia I am going through a bit of reverse culture shock but all in all it’s absolutely wonderful to be home. It’s wonderful to see the differences in culture between my birthplace and my adopted home. And the people – the people in Prince Edward Island can be the friendliest people you will ever meet.
Since the sun started shining here, it’s been a pretty cold first 5 days, I have been spending my time with the kids on beautiful sandy beaches, enjoying strawberries and ice cream, BBQ’s, and lobster.
We aren’t completely off the grid and do try to check email daily but with the sun shines the laptop stays in the bag – at least for this week. Next week I am traveling and soon after back to chaos of life in Taiwan.

July in Canada

I took off with family this past Tuesday in the middle of the night to spend the summer in our cottage in Prince Edward Island. I haven’t been ‘home’ to visit in over two years and have spent most of the past ten years n Asia. It’s great fun to be home (getting here is not so much fun). The first few days are (have been) going to be spent recovering from a nearly 30 hour trip from the wilds of Siangsan to Canoe Cove. Afterwards it’s back to a reduced work schedule, strawberry socials, beaches, horse back riding, and spending time with family.

New house and office

The past two years of inactivity have caught up with me today as I feel like a zombie. I moved my house and office yesterday and though I hired a company to do most of the work I still feel it all over. It’s a national holiday here so I will be without a network connection until some time later in the week. It’s a weird feeling not having answers to all the minutiae of questions that run through my head everyday.
The house and office is quiet, nicer, and far away from the nearest 7/11 – a feat which is hard to accomplish in this part of the world. This is a somewhat temporary move. Next year it’s a decision between China, Vancouver, or possibly Dubai.
Updates will be light this week.

Feed Changes

I’ve merged the content from the Sidebar Links with the rest of the site. I’ll still be publishing short tidbits and links but will be including it as a part of the main feed. That means there will be a slight uptake in articles and a slight change in the mix of the type of articles you see presented. Not a huge change and hopefully a positive one.
Readers who frequent the site via a web browser won’t notice any difference as the layout remains the same.
Main feed url

That didn’t go well

I’ve received more email since I announced that I would be publishing Mandarin articles than I have in the year and half since I started (intermitently) writing this blog. The overwhelming response to the idea of mixing English and Chinese together was negative. As a result, I’m going to backtrack and do what I had originally planned which is to start yet another side project. Randy (陳彥甫) a phd candidate in nuclear science (!) and others have agreed to lead that one.
My apologies if the Chinese seemed ‘odd’.

Now published in Mandarin

From the beginning this site has been a bit of an experiment for me. In keeping with that tradition, in the coming weeks I’m going to try something different. I’m going to broaden the topic a bit, open up the site to other authors, add features which will appeal to my readers from Taiwan and region, and most noticeably start publishing in Mandarin. Hopefully seeing two languages won’t scare away the small group of readers I have now. It will be interesting and fun to see what develops.

An Enlarged Heart

The past few weeks have not been the most productive. Most of my effort has been spent trying to ensure that I meet my client project deadlines and the periodic visa issues that occur with living abroad. Certainly my own projects, such as this, have suffered.
As I briefly mentioned earlier my son had spent a week off and on in the hospital suffering from high fever and what turned out to be a harmless bacterial infection. During that time he had a whole cadre of tests done to determine the cause of the fever. Hospital costs here in Taiwan are negligible so you tend to have access to all kinds of services which you might not be able to readily afford otherwise. His chest x-ray revealed an ‘enlarged heart‘ and this Thursday we go back to the hospital so we can have more accurate assessment of any problems via an ECG.
Naturally I have been beside myself in worry.
I’ve been tracking my reading via delicious and you are welcome to track it here. It’s full of links to material regarding heart problems in children. Perhaps it will be off some use to you.