Nouvelle Cabinet

nouvelle stereo cabinet
Though it has a more refined and rounded form Lima De Lezando’s Nouvelle Cabinet reminds me of my first stereo. It was about the same size and it was all mostly about the furniture and less fidelity. This would be an excellent addition to the right space.
Lima De Lezando. Via Design Milk.

Floppy disc coaster

Relive the nostalgia of the floppy with these plastic coasters from supermandolini. I still have programs laying around of compact cassette so you know I’m old.
Soft Sector

Thomson VOIP phone

Thomson Symbio DECT VoIP phone combines the functions of a wireless VoIP phone and an Internet radio in one somewhat attractive device. It certainly would match last years iMac aesthetic (inspiration always follows late). I like devices like this for short conversations as I always feel somewhat odd wearing my headset all the time. There’s a small LCD screen in the body in order to view contact, VoIP network info, Internet radio information, and your RSS feeds. The ability to play HiFi ringtones would no doubt fill an already jingle filled office environment with yet more annoying sounds. Good device for those days you might be strapped to the desk. More pictures after the jump.

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Wooden Radios

Singgih Kartono chooses wood for his radios not just based on aesthetics but on his appreciation of wood’s simplicity and organic vitality. The Magno radio combines the most current mp3 player compatible electronics with sustainably grown woods.
Magno Wooden Radios. Via Swissmiss.

Memo Mousepads

I know all the rage these days is to use sexy web 2.0 applications for all your task and note management needs but for the most part I still love to use a simple pad of paper. For the office but small enough to take with you is this neat combination notepad and mousepad – “a notepad for humans and a smooth surface for your electronic mouse!” It’s available for a number of uses and styles but I like the plain memo pad the best. Not the most green product, you end up throwing away the underlying padding after you use the 60 sheets of paper, but I do like the concept.

Portable Office Organizer

From your bag to your wall. A great idea on an alternative use for the Freudian Slip insert comes from the Tom Bihn blog.

… hang it on the wall and it becomes the perfect place to store pens, ruler, calculator, business cards, file folders or papers, Post-its or other small items, keeping them at easy access while your desk is free of clutter. You can also hang the Freudian Slip on the doorknob of your office.

Keep your desk clean and have your office items with you on the go. Tom Bihn blog.

Hip Office

The Lindo Hip Office allows you to sit, stand, and walk while doing typical office activities. You might hurt yourself tripping if you use this while walking and using a laptop. Perhaps it has a use for those times you can’t get a seat in your local Starbucks.
Hip Office

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LaCie 1TB Hard Disk by Neil Poulton

Beautiful sleek enclosure which if it’s a concern will likely not match any other device in your office. It would take some effort to fill a 1TB drive.

The user-friendly LaCie Hard Drive, Design by Neil Poulton adds sophisticated style to your desktop yet its presence is quiet and unobtrusive. It has a unique distinguishing feature – a cool, blue LED strip on its underside that creates an ambient glow. Its subtle, all-black design blends perfectly into dark home entertainment setups and workstations. Very small for its vast capacity, this lightweight, compact drive has a fashionable, mirror-polished finish. The smartly engineered design allows for heat dissipation and near-silent, fanless operation.

LaCie – Hard Disk, Design by Neil Poulton

Simple Felt Basket

These might actually make me look organised. But likely they would become beautiful (and rather pricey) drop-off boxes for all kinds junk that I keep in my office. Not even objects as beautfiul as these will hide my messy disorganised truth.

Thick sheets of wool felt are precision cut and minimally stitched to give this “box” its shape. Useful for its ability to hold a wide range of notions, the Felt Basket is kind to walls and tabletops and won’t bruise or nick adjacent surfaces in the event of a bump. While utilitarian storage has its merits, this item’s soft architectural presence furthers its appeal. When not it use, it can be folded into a more compact shape for storage. The 100% wool construction is naturally dirt and flame resistant.

Design Within Reach – Simple Felt Basket – Large

Postalco Note Books

I too love beautiful notebooks such as this. I have a growing collection, growing because I like them so much that I seldom use them. I don’t want to sully their white pages with my scribbles and end up using scrap paper instead. Notebooks like this deserve better than my poor sketching and handwriting technique.

Postalco began in Brooklyn, New York. Curious about the international transport of mail, paper itself became just as intresting. Their logo is the carrier pigeon. Carefully considered and beautifully handmade in Japan. Simply cannot be improved upon.

Buy at Cooper Hewitt