Paul Smith Trolley Bag

Getting away in style still seems to be Paul Smiths mantra when he designs luggage. The Trolley bag like the Overnight Bag I wrote about previously fits this ideal perfectly. Comes in khaki or black on the exteriour and a retractable handle to make those journeys across the airport more manageable. Weighs 2kgs and measures 41cm x 34cm x 16cm. Buy it online at the Paul Smith Shop for £ 249.00.

Paul Smith Target Cuff Links

I have one shirt and one shirt only that requires cuff links. It was bought by mistake but now that I have it I love it. If I really must ditch the t-shirt and I have the opportunity it’s great fun to wear these acceptable pieces of jewelry by Paul Smith. These Target Cuff Links have the added benefit of hypnotizing all those around you. Could be fun with the right people. $108.00US at Neiman Marcus.

Paul Smith Luggage Overnight Bag

With weather like this my thoughts turn to spending the weekend in Koh Samui. This Paul Smith Overnight bag might not be the most practical choice for my arrival in paradise but what it loses in practicality it makes up for in style. A better choice for a stay in Singapore this bag from the Soft collection comes in a canvas herringbone weave red on brown, has internally 2 compartments, 2pockets, detachable pouch and shoulder strap. Available for about £ 219.
At the Paul Smith Shop.